Mr Green

Mr Green is Socially Responsible bookmaker of the Year 2017

Mr Green was awarded the prestigious title Socially Responsible bookmaker of the Year at the SBC Awards 2017 in London.

Early September this year, Mr Green launched its unique Green Gaming Predictive Tool towards its casino players; the tool will include Mr Green’s sportsbook players in 2018. The launch was the result of over twelve months’ dedicated work in taking a position as a leading socially responsible operator.

The Green Gaming Predictive Tool gives players the ability to gain insight into their own risk behaviour. At the same time, the tool’s functionality means Mr Green can better detect when healthy playing has moved into the risk zone and can adjusts its offerings and communications based on an individual customer’s risk behaviour.

Players who exhibit increased risk behaviour may be asked to set different limits for their playing or to step back from playing for a period. Mr Green will also refrain from communicate sales messages to customers with a high-risk behaviour.

The tool has been developed together with Sustainable Interaction and Sebastian Gassner. Sustainable Interaction is a company based in Lund, Sweden, and specializes in developing digital products and diagnostic tools in the fields of responsible gaming and psychosocial health. Sebastian Gassner is an expert in responsible gaming technical development.

Mr Green has also set high targets for the education and training of its entire staff in areas like risky player behaviour to better support and guide high risk players.

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Mr Green Ltd, said: “This marks an important milestone in our Green Gaming plan. It proves that the industry believes in Green Gaming and realizes that it is efficient.

“Even more important is the positive feedback we receive from our players opting in to the predictive tool and reaching out with positive feedback to our customer services. I am personally convinced that we have the best teams in the industry both in terms of product development and customer service.”

Per Norman, CEO Mr Green & Co, added: “It should feel safe to play at Mr Green, and Green Gaming has been a cornerstone of our business strategy since the foundation in 2007.

“We have high ambitions, and want to be the brand you associate with Green Gaming. I am very proud of the entire Mr Green team and what they have accomplished over the past year and I am looking forward to continue delivering on our Green Gaming plan.”

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