OtherLevels – Operators must cater to the new audiences in the US

OtherLevels are to sponsor this year’s Betting on Football, which will take place from the 19-22 March. In a chat with their CEO Brendan Kane, we discussed what OtherLevels were looking forward to at the upcoming event and how the industry must address the needs of the new US audience.

Kane explained that operators must focus upon personalisation and immediacy for products if they want to gain a competitive advantage. For Kane, he told us how #bofcon is a great learning opportunity, and a great chance to catch-up with both new and existing clients.

What are you looking forward to at Betting on Football?

It is a great learning and networking opportunity. We can catch-up with existing clients and meet new people within the industry.  There’s a lot to be learned from the presentations and sidebar discussions and it provides the insights into how the sportsbetting sector is dealing with the challenges ahead, both regulatory, technological and financial.

What are you promoting at Betting on Football?

OtherLevels has launched In-Play Release 2, the second generation of our unique automated real time In-Play Messaging Module. It is all about activating more customers, through personalised real-time event driven betting.

We will be joined by our Head of Data Science and he will provide insights into the behaviour of existing in-play audiences, and how messaging to the wider customer base amplifies participation and increases the frequency and number of bets placed, while also delivering a highly relevant and engaging customer experience.

What industry innovation will capture the most attention in 2019?

We often talk about personalisation, however it is clear that the move from classic lifecycle marketing (e.g. a registration no deposit journey) to highly sophisticated real-time engagement is challenging for most operators.

That’s a competitive problem and one that needs a next generation of martech capabilities; particularly as the industry will soon have to address the needs of the USA audience, who start from an expectation of high personalisation and immediacy.

Do you expect speed of innovation to slow in the absence of a major football tournament?

Not at all. The opportunity to create leadership in what will become the world’s biggest wagering market demands innovation.

How can betting and football stakeholders work together more effectively?

This is a good question. We think that the industry as a whole will need to work together to effectively make the case that betting as a form of entertainment is compatible with sporting events, and can be enjoyed responsibly.

Which parts of the conference agenda have caught your eye?

As always a host of executive speakers and exhibitors who between them will challenge the status quo, and move everyone’s thinking forward.

The event, which will take place at Stamford Bridge, will host 40 different conference sessions with 200 senior industry executives taking part in a number of panel discussions, and over 2,000 delegates from across the gambling industry.

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