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Roxy Roxborough
Legendary Las Vegas Oddsmaker

Roxy Roxborough founded Las Vegas Sports Consultants in 1982 and ran the international oddsmaking business for 17 years, during which time it revolutionized the industry by pioneering the use of mathematical formulas and computer models.

He was also a Co-Founder of American Wagering Inc, which became the first U.S. bookmaking company to be publicly listed in 1996.

A familiar figure to U.S. sports fans through his frequent media appearances, he also co-authored Sports Book Management: A Guide to the Legal Bookmaker in 1988, the first educational book for the sports betting business.

His achievements saw Roxborough placed second on the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s list of the most influential sports figures of the 20th century, as well as named in GQ magazine’s 50 most important people in sports, and Sports Illustrated’s 50 greatest sports figures in Nevada history.