Thomas Carvalhaes, Vai de Bob: Brazil and LatAm Lead the Way in Sponsorship Innovation
21 February | | Ellis Davis

A nationwide sports betting sector in Brazil has received government approval and is now set for launch. With...

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Atlético Mineiro CCO on why Brazil betting is a “watershed moment” for football
20 Feb | Events | Ellis Davis
2024 kicked off in a major way for the Brazilian gambling market, as...
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SBC Summit Rio to Host an Exclusive Meet-up for Sports Teams
15 Feb | Events | Maria Tsnompilantze
  SBC is set to host an exclusive gathering tailored for commercially driven...
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Exploring the Provinces Leading the Way at the Canadian Gaming Summit
13 Feb | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
Boasting a population of over 40 million and being the second-largest country in...
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John Romero: How One Man Helped Set the Course For Modern Gaming
12 Feb | CasinoBeats Summit | Ellis Davis
John Romero, award-winning game programmer, game designer, and level designer on video game...
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Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024: A Hotspot for Industry Leaders and Affiliates Alike
9 Feb | Events | Jamie Gough
The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 (26-27 March, 2024) is shaping up to be...
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Epic Showdown: Calling All Streamers & Game Studios
2 Feb | CasinoBeats Summit | Maria Tsnompilantze
Streamers, game studios & operators - there's a Slot Tournament happening at the...
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Fueling Integrity and Innovation: SBC Summit Rio Conference Agenda
30 Jan | Events | Ellis Davis
'The conference agenda for the second day of SBC Summit Rio is set to provide 3,000...
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Canadian Gaming Summit: The Producers Tell All
29 Jan | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
'Since 1970, provinces have been able to self-regulate their respective gambling infrastructures, which has provided as...
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SBC Digital Innovation - Sportsbook Tech
26 Jan | Uncategorized | Scott Fulton
'SBC are hosting Digital Innovation - Sportsbook Tech on March 20. Get your brand and platform...
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An Afternoon at the New York Stock Exchange: The Capital Markets Forum
26 Jan | Events | Ellis Davis
'As January continues to swiftly pass us by, it means SBC Summit North America is only...
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SBC Summit North America: The Producers Tell All
25 Jan | Events | Maria Tsnompilantze
'When the US announced the state-by-state regulation of sports betting in 2018, it was seen by...
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24 Jan | CasinoBeats Summit | Ellis Davis
'Award-winning programmer, game designer, and level designer behind iconic classics such as ‘Doom’ and ‘Wolfenstein 3D,’...
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24 Jan | Events | Maria Tsnompilantze
'While the industry is still celebrating the chance to venture into the land of opportunity, following...
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Discover the Highlights: Opening Day Agenda at SBC Summit Rio
17 Jan | Events | Ellis Davis
'The opening day agenda at SBC Summit Rio promises to deliver cutting-edge insights to more than...
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