Study Reveals 40% of Gamblers Overestimate Their Risk
13 June | Knowledge | Becca Kocar

Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Bet on Awareness campaign,...

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Beyond Ontario: Canadian Gaming Summit Returns with a Pan-Canadian Twist
12 Jun | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
The countdown begins for the second edition of the Canadian Gaming Summit under...
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MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 Sparked GameTech Revolution and Unity Across the Baltics and Nordics
12 Jun | Events | Becca Kocar
12 June 2024, Tallinn, Estonia – HIPTHER, leading conference organizer for Gaming and...
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Former Man City COO to Keynote SBC Summit Tbilisi
11 Jun | Events | Ellis Davis
Former Manchester City COO and Founder of EQ Sports & Gaming, Chris Bird,...
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Troy Ross discusses what lessons Ontario can teach gaming
11 Jun | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
Troy Ross draws on 30 years of experience at the intersection of politics,...
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SBC Summit Tbilisi FAQ: Everything you need to know
11 Jun | Events | Ellis Davis
We are only a few weeks away from the second edition of SBC...
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FanDuel: Building a Canadian identity in a growing sports betting market
10 Jun | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
Entering uncharted territory can often throw up several challenges, but also a unique...
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Better World Casinos CEO on the Unsustainability of Unlimited Growth
10 Jun | Events | Maria Tsnompilantze
'In an industry often associated with risk and controversy, the narrative around ethical and sustainable practices...
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SBC Summit Tbilisi: Tailored Growth Strategies for Eastern Europe & Central Asia
7 Jun | Events | Ellis Davis
'Brands looking to expand into Eastern European and Central Asian markets face a complex landscape of...
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Matej Novota from Casino Guru Talks Grey Markets and the Path to...
5 Jun | Events | Maria Tsnompilantze
'Ahead of the upcoming inaugural Affiliate Leaders Summit, a dedicated event for all things affiliation within the...
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SBC Summit Tbilisi to Educate Companies on Mastering Emerging Tech
3 Jun | Events | Ellis Davis
'While emerging technologies are providing brands with a range of solutions to diversify their offerings and...
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The Beating Heart of the Industry: CasinoBeats Summit Witnesses Phenomenal Growth
30 May | CasinoBeats Summit | Maria Tsnompilantze
'The CasinoBeats Summit 2024 concluded on a high note, with industry veterans and newcomers alike praising...
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Canadian Gaming Summit: Unlocking the Door to Marketing Success
29 May | Canadian Gaming Summit | Ellis Davis
'The ongoing growth and innovation of digital platforms have significantly increased players' gaming options, while simultaneously...
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29 May | Events | Becca Kocar
'13 May 2024, Warsaw, Poland - HIPTHER, the leading conference organizer and parent company of renowned...
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James White on HotTake Sports’ vibrant and inclusive ecosystem
29 May | Canadian Gaming Summit | Maria Tsnompilantze
'“Whether it’s betting education, sports analysis, or entertainment, our goal is to offer valuable and relevant...
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