Cristina Turbatu, Casumo: ‘AI to play pivotal role in shaping the future of igaming’

Cristina Turbatu, Casumo: ‘AI to play pivotal role in shaping the future of igaming’

A myriad of online casino operators are set to land in Malta next month as several igaming-focused discussions have been prepared for the upcoming CasinoBeats Summit.

One operator gearing up for a week of panel discussions and product expositions is Casumo, as the operator’s Chief Technology Officer, Cristina Turbatu speaks to CasinoBeats about the “excellent opportunity” offered by the annual event.

Touching on the “immense promise” of Artificial Intelligence, Turbatu underlines the importance of player safety while suggesting that event streaming has “revolutionised gamification” in the online casino sphere.

CasinoBeats: What opportunities do events like CBS present for companies looking to access or showcase the industry’s latest technological innovations?

Cristina Turbatu: Participating in events like the CasinoBeats Summit presents an excellent opportunity for companies within the igaming and casino industry to access and showcase the latest technological innovations.

At CBS, companies can engage with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge solutions and explore emerging trends. For example, there are software providers that showcase a new AI-powered game recommendation engine and reporting 24 per cent decrease in churn and 10 per cent increase in NGR within their clients. By presenting such concrete examples, companies can demonstrate the tangible benefits of their innovations to potential clients and investors, driving interest and fostering collaboration.

Research in the field of gaming and personalisation suggests a significant impact on player engagement. For instance, a study by Accenture found that 91 per cent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. Applied to the gaming industry, personalised gaming experiences tailored to individual player preferences can lead to higher levels of engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Additionally, companies like Amazon and Netflix have demonstrated the power of personalisation in driving customer engagement and loyalty, serving as compelling examples for gaming companies to leverage personalised experiences effectively.

CB: Are there any current topics that you’re expecting to dominate debates and conversation at CBS? 

CT: I am anticipating that this year’s conversations at the CasinoBeats Summit will orbit around a few key topics. One major focus will likely be on how AI can improve entertainment experiences for players. For example, there may be discussions on using AI to suggest games tailored to individual preferences or to add more fun elements to gaming platforms.

Another important topic will be about increasing gamification in gaming platforms. This means adding more interactive features like challenges and rewards to make the gaming experience more engaging.

Lastly, there will likely be discussions on how to ensure player safety. This includes things like implementing measures to prevent problem gambling and creating a secure environment for players to enjoy games responsibly. I expect these topics to be at the forefront of discussions at CBS this year.

CB: What recent technological developments has Casumo undertaken to improve player protection within its offerings?

CT: At Casumo, ensuring the safety of our players is a foundational principle that guides every aspect of our business. We are steadfast in our commitment to prioritising player safety above all else. Our ongoing focus revolves around improving our technology to proactively protect our customers from potential harm.

We are rigorously testing and evaluating various solutions that we hope will fortify our defences and create a secure gaming environment where players can engage with peace of mind.

CB: Has Casumo utilised advancements in AI technology to streamline its business processes in any way? 

CT: At Casumo, we’ve placed a significant focus on leveraging advancements in AI technology to enhance various aspects of our business operations. Specifically, we’ve dedicated an entire strategic pillar to AI technology, recognising its potential to revolutionise player experiences and streamline internal processes.

In terms of player experiences, we’ve utilised AI to deliver personalised game recommendations and implement advanced player protection measures. By leveraging AI-powered providers, we are looking into tailoring gaming experiences to individual preferences and proactively identifying and addressing potential issues related to responsible gaming.

Moreover, we’ve harnessed AI technology across multiple facets of our operations, including customer support chats, content creation, marketing campaigns, player protection initiatives and software development processes. For instance, we’ve integrated Copilot, an AI tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI, into our workflows.

Copilot plays a crucial role in enhancing developer productivity by suggesting code snippets, promoting best practices, and facilitating rapid prototyping and iteration. This not only improves code quality and reduces maintenance overhead but also fosters collaboration and augments creativity among our development teams.

Overall, our strategic focus on AI technology at Casumo has enabled us to unlock new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and improved player experiences, while also enhancing our internal processes and developer productivity.

CB: How do you think gamification has evolved over the past few years as technology within the online casino space improves?

CT: In recent years, the evolution of gamification within the online casino space has been closely tied to advancements in event streaming infrastructure. This technology has transitioned from being a novelty to a standard feature, enabling gamification platforms to deliver near-real-time responses to player actions.

With event streaming capabilities, gamification platforms can now offer dynamic and personalised experiences tailored to individual player behaviours. For example, players receive instant feedback and rewards based on their actions during gameplay, fostering greater engagement and immersion.

While some companies have only begun to explore the full potential of event streaming, there’s a growing trend among new suppliers who are fully embracing this technology. These suppliers are leveraging event streaming to develop innovative gamification solutions that capitalise on the immediacy of player interactions, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Overall, the integration of event streaming technology has revolutionised gamification in the online casino space, paving the way for more interactive and engaging gaming experiences that adapt to the needs and preferences of players in real time.

CB: Have there been any recent technological developments that you think will shape the future of igaming? 

CT: While AI itself isn’t new, recent breakthroughs in generative AI hold immense promise for the future of igaming. These cutting-edge innovations are fundamentally changing how people engage with online environments, whether in professional contexts or everyday life.

In igaming, these advancements are poised to revolutionise player experiences by facilitating intelligent gaming flows and delivering personalised content recommendations. Companies such as Casumo are actively exploring the potential of AI to optimise various aspects of their operations, ranging from enhancing player interactions to streamlining internal processes.

Looking ahead, AI is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of igaming by enabling more accurate data predictions, fostering safer gaming environments and streamlining decision-making processes while enhancing productivity.

As the industry continues to innovate and harness the power of AI, we can anticipate a transition towards more immersive and tailored gaming experiences, ultimately driving increased engagement and satisfaction among players.

Turbatu will be providing further insights into the world of marketing at the CasinoBeats Malta Summit next month. You can currently purchase your tickets with a nice Group Discount for the price of just €400 (a discount of  €200 off a standard ticket).

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