Exploring the Interplay of EEAT and AI: Insights Exploring the Interplay of EEAT and AI: Insights

SBC’s Affiliate Leaders caught up with Edoardo Ganetti, Director of SEO at, ahead of his participation at the CasinoBeats Summit to discuss some of the key talking points during the SEO Chatshow titled ‘E-E-A-T and AI: frenemies or not?’, where he will appear as one of the speakers.

The conversation encompassed a range of topics, delving into the correlation between EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and AI, the possible implications of AI on content authenticity and credibility, the dynamic nature of Google’s algorithm changes and their influence on SEO strategies, alongside the company’s strategies for venturing into new markets, among other things.


SBC: Group stands out as a major player among affiliates. Could you elaborate on the key factors and strategies that have driven the company’s business model to achieve such success?

Edoardo Ganetti (Director of SEO @ We are driven by our desire to innovate and evolve within the space of the performance marketing companies. While we have experienced some success, we are still growing. Organic growth through our SEO capabilities and the ability to be nimble and adjust to an ever-changing landscape have proven to be critical to our success.

Additionally, building strategic partnerships with key players in the online gambling industry has allowed us to expand our reach and enhance our influence.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, developed in-house, has provided flexibility for a more user-friendly experience, enabling us to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Lastly, data-driven decision-making and utilising data analytics have helped inform our business strategies and marketing efforts to optimise performance.

SBC: At CasinoBeats Summit this May, you are on a panel that examines the interconnection of EEAT and AI. How do EEAT principles align with the increasing reliance on AI-generated content in the digital landscape?

EG: AI technology presents unique opportunities to complement SEO efforts and align with EEAT criteria effectively. Specifically, with our focus on, we leverage AI not for content creation but to suggest relevant insights that enhance reader comprehension.

The true advantage of AI lies in its capacity to analyse extensive datasets. In fact, AI can easily find content angles that might elude human writers. AI proves to be particularly valuable when it supports experts, writers, and editors by identifying potential topics or enhancing their work in ways that surpass initial human insights.

While our content is rigorously human-edited to ensure quality and uniqueness, I think that in the digital space there’s room for lightly edited AI-assisted content. But I think it’s crucial, at least for the time being, that each piece receives a human touch, as AI lacks the ability to inject a distinctive perspective into discussions.

Nonetheless, I envision a future where AI could provide more comprehensive and detailed responses than humans alone, thereby enhancing the overall quality of content. While the timeline for this development is uncertain, it may occur sooner than we anticipate.

SBC: With the emphasis on user-generated content, can businesses actually leverage AI tools to enhance the authenticity of their content? Is it possible?

EG: Indeed, while AI cannot yet replicate the unique essence of human creativity, its capability to sift through vast amounts of data and discern user preferences is unparalleled.

For instance, in ensuring content originality, AI-driven plagiarism checks are invaluable. Additionally, AI-enhanced fact-checking tools play a pivotal role in validating information sources, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the facts we present. This technology aids in maintaining the uniqueness and credibility of our content.

In essence, AI is also useful to protect yourself from AI spam-generated content itself.

SBC: Does the rise of AI in content creation pose a threat to the credibility and trustworthiness of information, considering the importance of E (Expertise) in EEAT?

EG: Yes, the integration of AI in content creation does present challenges to maintaining credibility and expertise, essential components of the EEAT framework. The potential for misuse, given AI content’s ease of creation and low cost, cannot be ignored.

At, we exercise caution, opting not to rely on automated content. Our experts are irreplaceable, possessing the depth of knowledge necessary to address user inquiries effectively.

Nevertheless, I think that AI is useful in supporting our experts, especially in research and data analysis. In my opinion, the use of AI tools should be transparent, to preserve the credibility and authority within our industry.

In the near future, it’s possible that AI will gain the ability to generate unique perspectives and genuine expertise in specific fields. When this occurs, human and AI expertise may merge in ways that are indistinguishable. Consequently, I anticipate the development of new metrics and parameters to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of content.

SBC: Given the continuous evolution of Google’s algorithms, what notable changes have you observed in recent updates, and how can businesses leverage these insights to optimise their SEO strategies?

EG: It’s very evident that Google is testing the SERPs more than ever lately. Google’s recent experiments mark a shift towards more personalised and AI-driven responses.

Google’s core business is its algorithm, and the emergence of AI-driven research methods poses a clear threat to Google. The only way for Google to safeguard its market position is by adapting to these changes and updating its algorithm and the way it serves the answers into the SERPs.

The frequent algorithm updates we’ve seen in 2023 are indicative of this trend, which I expect to continue into 2024. Recognising this, we at have focused on enhancing EEAT within our content, striving for authenticity and distinctiveness.

I believe that short-term SEO tactics aimed solely at appeasing Google’s algorithms are becoming obsolete. Thinking about the long term, successful brands will be the ones that are recognised not just within Google’s search results but in the broader digital ecosystem.

SBC: With Group’s expansion into diverse international markets (its promising venture in North America for example), and the launch of new offerings like (great domain name, by the way), can you share insights into the company’s strategy for exploring new markets and potential launches on the horizon?

EG: Expansion within the United States is still very much a priority and a key component of our global business strategy. As it relates to, which we launched less than a year ago, we are continuously looking carefully at ways to maximise its potential. We’ve only just scratched the surface. Our strategy for enterting new markets involves a mix of careful market research, regulatory analysis and strategic partnerships within those markets. On the content side, we have a “boots on the ground” type of approach,recognisibg that each market has its own preferences and nuances. We continue to monitor emerging markets, with LATAM and new European markets likely on the horizon for us in 2024.

SBC: Considering the unique offerings of the CasinoBeats Summit, what features stand out for your company, making this event an essential part of your calendar, and how does it align with your company’s goals and vision?

EG: Thanks for having us – we are honoured to be a part of CasinoBeats Summit. It offers a platform for networking with key industry players, gaining industry insights, and participating in thought leadership discussions like this one. Our presence at the event allows us to showcase our expertise and share market trends with our peers.


The chat show titled ‘E-E-A-T and AI: Frenemies or Not?’ will take place on Wednesday, 22 May 2024, between 11:20 and 11:40.


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