An Afternoon at the New York Stock Exchange: The Capital Markets Forum

An Afternoon at the New York Stock Exchange: The Capital Markets Forum

As January continues to swiftly pass us by, it means SBC Summit North America is only a few months away; and in all honesty, we can barely contain our excitement!

So, to try and alleviate some of this pent-up enthusiasm, we thought we would shed some light on a new and exciting addition to SBC Summit North America:

The Capital Markets Forum!

What Is The Capital Markets Forum and Why Now?

Taking place at the world-renowned New York Stock Exchange, the Capital Markets Forum is an exclusive one-day event in collaboration with +More Media. 

The forum will bring together senior executives from both the investment world and the gaming industry, to discuss a range of pivotal topics impacting the North American gaming and financial sector. 

The forum will take place on Monday, May 6th (a day before the Player Protection Symposium), between 12.00 – 17.00. Tickets for the exclusive one-day forum are available to purchase at the cost of US$300.

Discussing the importance of the Capital Market Forum, Aidan Brain, VP of Conference Production at SBC had this to say:

The fast-paced gaming market in the US has long attracted the attention of the global investment industry. In order to meet the demands for a place for both to come together and build new partnerships, SBC created the Capital Markets Forum with Earnings  +More.”

Who Is This Forum Aimed At?

The Capital Market Forum is set to bring together 200 senior executives from both the investment world and the gaming industry. 

It aims to create an environment for delegates to openly share strategies, gain financial insights, and forge new and meaningful connections! The forum will prove instrumental to many roles within the financial and gaming industry, including: 

  • M&A specialists 
  • Financial advisors 
  • Bank representatives
  • Boutique firms
  • Payment providers
  • Heads of financial departments

Conference Sessions: 

During the Capital Markets Forum, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in enlightening sessions, led by esteemed leaders. Panel discussions will encompass pivotal topics such as the market’s current trajectory, the positions of market leaders, challenges from emerging players, M&A opportunities, market entries and exits, and supplier evaluations.

Highlighting the importance of the conference content, Jack Richards, Senior Conference Producer at SBC, had this to say:

The Capital Markets Forum enriches the SBC Summit North America experience by focusing on financial and investment trends and economic insights. Delegates can expect discussions on global market dynamics, sustainable investments, fintech advancements, regulatory updates, and strategies for navigating volatile markets; offering valuable perspectives for industry stakeholders.”

Here is a Sneak Preview of the Sessions on Offer: 

  • PE and Gaming: An expert led panel delving into the impact of private equity within the gaming industry, exploring its previous history within the industry and identifying potential targets, both in the public and private domains.


  • Billion-dollar Babies: The Swing to Profitability: What impact will the shift to profitability and the rise of billion-dollar EBITDA giants have on the rest of the US OSB and iCasino sector? With sector leaders accumulating profits from 2025 onward, the question arises: will the excess cash be used for more mergers and acquisitions, or will it be returned to investors?

  • Safe European Home: What do Withdrawals From North America Say About Future Ambitions?: European companies’ failure to crack the North American market is well documented. How can companies reassure investors over past cash expenditures and how does this failure impact future ambitions to penetrate the US market? 

  • No More Worlds to Conquer: What Happens When the Bolt-On Deals Dry Up?: Operators acquiring more brands and markets has been commonplace within Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe. However, as valuable deals become scarce and shareholders grow frustrated with expensive expansions, is the momentum of bolt-on acquisitions slowing? 


  • Short-term Memory: Have Investors Forgotten About iCasino?: While sports betting has understandably garnered significant attention in the US, discussions around iCasino legislation are imminent. Are investors overlooking the plethora of opportunities that will soon emerge for operators in the online casino sector?


Actionable Insights:

One of the central goals of the Capital Markets Forum is to provide delegates with actionable insights aimed at enhancing their financial operations in the dynamic spheres of iGaming and sports betting.

Throughout the forum, you can expect to glean insights on topics such as:

  • North American Betting and iGaming Market Analysis: Delve into the dynamic landscape of the North American betting and iGaming sector, assessing its current status and forecasting its future trajectory. Explore market size, trends, and regulatory developments shaping the industry.


  • Market Leaders Spotlight: Gain insights into the strategies, successes, and challenges of industry frontrunners. Understand how market leaders are positioned to maintain their dominance and drive innovation.


  • Challengers and Emerging Players: Examine the strategies employed by emerging contenders. Identify disruptive technologies and innovative approaches that are reshaping the competitive landscape.


  • Mergers & Acquisitions Opportunities: Explore the opportunities and drivers behind mergers and acquisitions within the North American market. Analyze recent deals and their impact on the industry’s consolidation.


  • Investment and Capital Flow: Evaluate the flow of investment and capital within the betting and gaming industry in light of global economic trends. Explore how economic conditions may impact funding, mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital activity in the sector.


  • Market Entrants and Exits: Investigate the entry and exit strategies of companies in the region. Understand the factors influencing businesses to either enter the market or make strategic exits.


  • Supplier Evaluations: Scrutinize the supplier landscape, assessing the value proposition of various service providers. Determine which services and partnerships are worth investing in, and which may not align with industry goals.


  • Current Global Economic Landscape: Analyze the prevailing global economic conditions, including factors such as GDP growth, inflation rates, and trade dynamics. Evaluate how these macroeconomic indicators are influencing the broader business environment.


  • Impact on the Betting and iGaming Industry: Examine how the fluctuations in the global economy are directly impacting the betting and gaming sector. Explore the sensitivity of consumer spending on entertainment and leisure activities like betting and gaming to economic downturns or upswings.


  • Regulatory Environment: Consider how shifts in global economic trends may influence regulatory decisions and policies affecting the betting and gaming industry. Explore how states may alter taxation, licensing, or other regulatory measures in response to economic challenges.

You can gain access to the exclusive Capital Markets Forum, by purchasing a single-day
ticket, for the amazing price of US$300.

Note: The single-day Capital Markets Forum pass does not grant you access to SBC Summit North America. 

For tickets to SBC Summit North America, granting you access to all three days of the event (excluding Capital Markets Forum), click here.

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