Connections to Collaborations: Making the most of Networking Opportunities at SBC Summit Tbilisi

Connections to Collaborations: Making the most of Networking Opportunities at SBC Summit Tbilisi

Underscoring the tremendous opportunities to connect with industry professionals and establish meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships, the upcoming SBC Summit Tbilisi will present delegates with a variety of networking opportunities to leverage in bolstering business operations and securing a dominant market presence. 

“The event brings a unique opportunity for both operators, providers and specialists to come together, to network, to see each other, to share their ideas and to get new ones.”

A sentiment by Tereza Tokmajyan, Chief Marketing Officer at gambling operator TotoGaming, discussing the impact of the networking opportunities at SBC Summit Tbilisi.

Anyone familiar with the sports betting and iGaming industry knows all too well that it takes a lot to successfully navigate the competitive landscape.

The recent emergence of digital platforms and services has further intensified this competition. While advancements in this area level the playing field by providing brands with more resources, they also make it harder than ever to stand out and connect with influential industry figures.

Therefore it will come as no surprise that many in the industry are returning to the tried and tested method of industry networking events, but why? What makes SBC events the ideal platform to network with industry professionals? What can you gain from face-to-face interactions compared to online outreach?

With these burning questions in mind, this blog post is dedicated to highlighting the power of networking at SBC Summit Tbilisi – the premier iGaming & sports betting conference for Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

This blog post will explore:

  • The networking events taking place at SBC Summit Tbilisi 
  • The types of industry professionals that will be in attendance 
  • How networking can aid both local and international brands
  • The power of organic networking


SBC Summit Tbilisi Networking Events

“Yesterday we had a poker tournament and icebreakers and it is really nice (opportunity) for people to be engaged with each other”

  • Giorgi Nadaraia, Chief Marketing Officer at betlive, discussing last year’s poker tournament. 


Here at SBC, we are dedicated to providing delegates with an unforgettable experience that transcends the confines of industry events. We believe that every opportunity to shake hands with peers is a potential moment for business success, and therefore serves as a crucial business tool.

That is why SBC will have four distinct and memorable networking events across the week. This isn’t your standard networking lounge with a few complimentary beers; we are talking rooftop poker tournaments, exclusive C-Level and operator dinners and lavish opening and closing parties!

Networking Events:

    Date: Tuesday, June  25
    Time: 7:30 pm – 12:00 am
    Kick off SBC Summit Tbilisi in style and enjoy complimentary drinks and high-level networking at the amazing Stamba Hotel.


    Date: Wednesday, June 26
    Time: 4:00 pm – 06:30 pm
    Join the excitement of the Poker Tournament sponsored by Betlive and EvenBet at the ATI Rooftop Restaurant at the Sheraton. Enjoy complimentary drinks, high-level networking, and a live DJ, all while taking in stunning views and engaging in thrilling poker action.


    Date: Wednesday, June 26
    Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Get ready to experience the luxury of the Republic Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Tbilisi. This exclusive, invitation-only event will pamper 100 esteemed guests with a VIP dinner amidst the lavish ambience of the Republic Event Hall. Enjoy complimentary drinks and high-level networking in this opulent setting.


    Date: Wednesday, June  26
    Time: 9:00 pm – 02:00 am
    Following a day filled with activity and excitement on the final day of the SBC Summit Tbilisi, the official closing party at the Republic Event Hall promises a delightful array of cuisine, beverages, entertainment, and opportunities for making connections, featuring complimentary drinks and high-level networking.


Centralising the Industry 

With a decade of experience in event organising, we recognise that the diversity of job roles, industry sectors, and brands that attend networking events, is as crucial as the event itself.

So, with that in mind, will SBC Summit Tbilisi attract the right industry professionals? Will it reflect the entire industry for networking? And will you have the chance to engage in valuable discussions?

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of the EvenBet Gaming had this to say during last year’s event:

‘At smaller events, you can meet with the same people but in a more relaxed environment and you can talk in detail about different topics, about regulations, about marketing and so forth. So small events give you more insight, more details.’

We at SBC, pride ourselves on our ability to bring the right people from the industry in one location. Throughout the event, you will have the chance to rub shoulders with regional and global operators, suppliers, affiliates, game developers, media organisations as well as specialists in marketing, CRM, SEO, payments and many more!

Tokmajyan echoes the importance placed on industry diversity and accessibility of SBC Summit Tbilisi networking events:

‘SBC Summit Tbilisi brings a unique opportunity for operators, providers and specialists to come together, network, see each other, share their ideas and get new ones. … you have more time to speak with different people, and you have more time to network.  You have a chance to meet them all in one place and have your best time here.”

Alongside the diverse array of delegates, what truly sets SBC networking events apart is the sheer number and enthusiasm of attendees. This sentiment is echoed by Vladimir Vukadinovic, Marketing Director of Romanian operator Superbet:

“I’m really impressed by the number of professionals here, by the interest that the people working in the industry have shown. They have come to us to ask questions and meet people. They are very open and they are very interested in the topics and experiences from other markets.”


Facilitating a hub for Global Connections

SBC Summit Tbilisi is strategically located to provide delegates operating in the Eastern Europe & Central Asia, the opportunity to expand their understanding of the surrounding regions, bolster their operations and network with industry peers from western markets.

Discussing how the event will aid regional professionals in solidifying relationships with fellow brands operating in Eastern European and Central Asian markets, Starostenkov explained:

I think that this event in Tbilisi is a great place for discussion between operators and suppliers working in CIS countries, post-Soviet countries, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe”.

Additionally, Starostenkov went on to further explain how brands operating in Eastern Europe and Central Asia markets can also benefit from the operations of more established Western markets:

It’s time for Eastern Europe and Central Asia to enact the global development of their iGaming market, with upcoming regulations, upcoming market development, awareness about problematic gambling and so forth. Tier one markets are already developed and now it’s time for the next countries to follow.”

With an in-depth exploration of key markets like Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, and Romania, along with emerging markets like Uzbekistan, the event provides a wealth of educational and networking opportunities for brands operating in Western markets such as the UK, US, and Central Europe, who are seeking to establish themselves in these key markets. 

A sentiment Vukadinovic agrees with: 

“I think it’s really interesting for anybody who comes here to check and, you know, feel the pulse of these countries and see where they are, connect, interact, network, and maybe form partnerships.” 

The networking events at SBC Summit Tbilisi offer global brands the chance to connect directly with leading players in these key regions, gaining valuable insights into player behaviour and growth strategies from the experts who understand these markets best.

Vakhtang Mdivani, CPO and Co-Founder of Promofy, a Georgia-based gamification supplier, also recognises the global reach of the event, stating: 

“I think that there are many things that the global audience can learn from this region because, for many years, the gaming industry and gambling industry have been booming in these regions. So I think that they can bring much more insights to the global market from the local expertise.”


Networking Beyond Dedicated Events

Alongside our dedicated networking events, the SBC Summit Tbilisi exhibition floor also serves as a pivotal networking platform. With dedicated lounges, catering facilities, and exhibitors showcasing their products, you’re never more than a few steps away from sitting down, connecting, and securing lucrative deals.

Discussing the plethora of show floor networking facilities, Vukadinovic stated:

You have a lounge here as well as, you know, some really cool exhibitor things to do, like really nice activations.

“It’s actually intriguing to discover the products that are showcased here, the things that some of the suppliers are doing, some of the vendors are doing, and how they’re developing and growing their products.”

This year, when navigating the exhibition floor, you’ll have the chance to personally engage with 30 global and regional brands. Dive into discussions about the latest emerging technologies utilised in surrounding regions, gain insights into cutting-edge regional marketing strategies, and explore transformative partnership opportunities with leading product and service providers.

Mdivani echoed this sentiment: 

“I think that smaller events are more chilled and you can talk with your potential clients, your potential network, your peers. It means much more in chilled environments because, during  big events, you are always in a rush.”


Final Thoughts

SBC Summit Tbilisi serves as a rich networking resource for both regional and international attendees.

Through dedicated evening networking events and the offerings of the exhibition floor, delegates are provided with ample opportunities to glean insights into desired markets, connect with new and established brands and establish a foothold in the region.

With representatives from almost every major sports betting and iGaming vertical present at the event, SBC Summit Tbilsi’s networking opportunities promise to cater to the needs of every delegate, regardless of their individual business needs. 

To secure your place at the premier iGaming and sports betting conference for Eastern Europe & Central Asia, you can purchase theGroup Pass Ticket’ gaining you access to both days of SBC Summit Tbilisi for the discounted price of US $150 per person. 

Additionally, operators and affiliates can apply for a free pass to the event.

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