Creatos Media: a human touch is not enough in the age of AI

Creatos Media: a human touch is not enough in the age of AI

While artificial intelligence has already proven itself as an incredibly useful tool for most facets of the gambling industry, the digital marketing space has perhaps witnessed this tenfold.

Ahead of her appearance at the CasinoBeats Summit on a dedicated SEO panel, we spoke with Izabela Wisniewska, Co-Founder & Head of Search Marketing at Creatos Media, about the impact AI is having on marketing businesses, and the risks facing companies that go all-in on AI tech.

CasinoBeats: What impact has the increasing accessibility to AI had on digital marketing businesses looking to target the casino industry? 

Izabela Wisniewska: I would say it helped. Once you learn how to use AI tools properly, it can really streamline your processes and help with time-consuming tasks or with ‘creative blocks’. There are tons of tasks like outreach, content ideations, internal linking strategy just to name a few. AI is still developing and we are still learning how to work with it.

CB: In what ways is Creatos Media using AI on a daily basis, if at all? 

IW: We use it for proofreading, content ideations, social media ideations, internal linking strategy development, sometimes image creation and, from the admin perspective, we use it to take notes on meetings for example. I had a play with it when it comes to keyword categorisation, but I don’t use it like that on a daily basis at the moment. I am sure we will find more uses for it as time goes by and AI continues to develop.

CB: Has the rise of AI in the past two years been considered a threat to marketing companies?

IW: It has been, and in some cases, it still is considered a threat. I’ve personally encountered prospective clients who would tell me ‘We don’t need SEO anymore, we have Chat GPT’ but I don’t think it will be a long-term threat because AI can’t do marketing. It can definitely help, streamline processes, make some things quicker, but it can’t do marketing, and even if some think it can, I am sure they will shortly understand they still need a marketing company or department that knows how to use AI wisely.

CB: What risks are faced by marketing companies that are currently relying on generative AI to produce content for clients?

IW: I think the main risk is relying on AI too much. We have to remember that there always has to be a human involved in the process, and no, I don’t mean submitting a request to Chat GPT. We can use AI to help us but can’t solely rely on AI to produce a whole outcome for us, and unfortunately, many people seem to fall into extremes of either not using AI at all or relying on it solely.

CB: Is there an importance of a human touch that reduces the efficiency of AI-driven marketing?

IW: Does the human touch reduce the efficiency of AI-driven marketing? Absolutely not, it doesn’t. Again, AI is here to help us streamline our processes, not to do everything for us. I would say human touch is not enough, you want a human-led strategy assisted by AI. To drive a marketing strategy, you need to know the product and the company, you need real experience with it and AI just can’t get that, but it can definitely assist in the strategy.

CB: How easy is it to detect whether a company’s content has been produced using AI? 

IW: I’d say it’s not as easy as we think. I once changed content written by a client using AI, but for minor changes really. I just replaced some words with their synonyms and made it sound a bit more professional. The first version was coming up as 80 per cent AI, while I think my version came up as 80 per cent human, highlighting even the original sentences written by my client.

The main difference between the two was that it originally used quite a friendly tone, while the edited version was in a more professional, business tone. I would be careful with all the tools that claim to detect it up to 100 per cent.

CB: How well does AI-driven content fit into the requirements of optimised SEO? 

IW: It fits as well as you can use it I would say. You can use AI for many aspects of content creation, but you shouldn’t solely rely on it. You can’t expect AI to simply produce everything for you, as this sort of content usually won’t fit into the SEO requirements, and I think we have seen from the March Google update that when so many pages used solely AI-driven content, they disappeared from the index.

However, when we use it wisely to assist us in the content creation, instead of for the content creation, it can actually fit in well.

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