DS Virtual Gaming: Post-COVID is the time to be creative

The SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica is drawing closer, and SBC has been catching up with the event sponsors ahead of next week.

Araksi Sargsyan, Head of Business Development at DS Virtual Gaming, gave us the run down on some of the key differences between the European and Latin American markets. She advised betting and gaming companies to be creative once global COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, as now is the time to ‘surprise clients’.

What are you looking forward to at the SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica?

We are expected to give the attendees more information about the virtual games as a vertical, have interesting conversations, networking, meet senior executives, and be present at interesting discussions about the development of the Latin American market.

What would be your biggest bit of advice for betting and gaming businesses trying to mitigate the impact of COVID-19?

My advice would be not to panic over the lack of sports betting as the main vertical in the market, as well as the temporal closure of the betting shops, which are very important for brand promotion, and the expansion of the range of products offered.

Each of us is working to make players’ everyday lives more colorful, with increased emotions and adrenaline. The trials that confronted us should only strengthen us. It’s time to stop and think, and how can I still surprise my clients, what to bet on when the pandemic is in the past. It’s time to be creative.

What are you promoting at SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica?

Starting from 2003 we’ve dedicated ourselves to the creation of different and fresh, exciting and attractive virtual games. We were thinking about elaborating classic games but meanwhile intend to constantly surprise our customers with something absolutely innovative and unexpected.

At DS Virtual Gaming we work with real event recordings instead of animations. Why did we decide to choose this approach? We are pursuing the following objective: to provide players with the most vivid emotions possible, creating the effect of being present at real races or a real casino. We always put ourselves in the players’ shoes, when taking this or that decision, and wondering what we would prefer to see, and the answer has always been the same: the reality as it is.

We support our customers with everything starting from software and ending up with hardware, no matter where they wish to operate, being next to them for any question regarding iGaming, is our aim.

What industry innovation will capture the most attention in 2020?

I believe that tools making the gaming faster and easier will take a special place in the industry. Each operator offers players an extensive content of sports bets, slots, virtual games, live casinos and every year this list multiplies. Mechanisms that help you find a particular product quickly will become an absolute must.

I would like to see a site that matches my preferences. Game providers will also pay attention to artificial intelligence, making games more interactive. A lot of people turn to virtual reality, which is also of great interest. To some extent, the lack of vigorous activity during the pandemic led people to greater technological development and from this point of view we stepped into the future earlier.

Which operator has impressed you the most in 2020?

This year was unexpectedly challenging for all operators. This endurance test affected all industry peers on a global scale. Since last year, everyone began to prepare for the most important events: the Euro and the Olympics, but at the very beginning of the year it became clear that we would have to make drastic adjustments to the plans for 2020 in order to maximize the preservation of companies in their best form due to the crisis that hit us.

I’m not only talking about retaining players, but also about preserving jobs, supporting employees and above all displaying true leadership qualities in times when everyone needs
emotional support.

Now that we are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are returning to a more or less familiar life, I want to applaud all the representatives of our industry for displaying an unbroken spirit.

What partnership has stood out in the past 12 months?

Each partnership is unique and extremely important for us. We do not prioritize between providers and operators. Each relation is a new journey that leads to new knowledge, new experiences and further development or advancement of our product.

At the end of the day, the operators, providers, the markets in which they operate, their features and players are the ones who inspire us to create new content and conquer new peaks.

Which parts of the conference agenda have caught your eye?

For me, the most attractive part is the fact that during conferences representatives of different companies will share their experience in the gaming industry and conduct educational activities.

I have worked both in Europe and in Latin America for a long time and the gaming on these two continents is very different, and the exchange of knowledge will help guide the industry in a new direction by taking a fresh look at things.

Many believe that LatAm adapts the laws and regulations already in place in Europe, but the solutions that Latin American operators and regulators offer can have a strong impact on Europe. It will be very interesting for me to meet again with my good friends to discuss the development of the Latin American market.

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