Streamers, game studios & operators - there's a Slot Tournament happening at the CasinoBeats Summit and it's going to be epic.

Epic Showdown: Calling All Streamers & Game Studios

Streamers, game studios & operators – there’s a Slot Tournament happening at the CasinoBeats Summit and it’s going to be epic.

The CasinoBeats Summit has always been the go-to event for everything casino-related. Last year, we put a greater emphasis on casino streamers, recognising their vital role in the industry. This year, our conference team has decided to take it a step further by transforming this concept into an exciting slot tournament.

Want to get involved? Scroll and find all the contact details you need below. 

What sparked the idea for a Slot Tournament?

To sum it up, it’s a process involving three key parties, each reaping different benefits.

→ What better way to explore and test new titles than by letting the pros handle it? That’s exactly what’s happening at CasinoBeats Summit, where a selection of top casino streamers will be playing various new games, set to be released exclusively at the Summit. They’ll showcase these games to their network of players, providing insightful discussions on the advantages, disadvantages, and their overall thoughts on each game.

→ This is where the game studios come in. In a market where multiple new slot games get released every month, standing out is key. The Slot Tournament at CasinoBeats Summit presents an opportunity for the studios to spotlight their latest creations. By debuting their games at the Summit, they can leverage top streamers to introduce these games not only to a wide audience but also to the attending operators, effectively doing the heavy lifting for them.

→ The benefits extend to operators as well. In a market flooded with slot offerings, choosing the right ones for their player base can be daunting and time-intensive. By attending the CasinoBeats Summit operators can streamline this process. They can send their Casino or Product Managers to follow the slot tournament, making it easier to identify which new titles are most suited to their players’ preferences and needs.

Let’s summarise:

  • The STREAMERS who participate in the Slot Tournament get to show off their skills not just to fans, but to big game studios, operators, and those major affiliates who might be scouting for new talent. This is their chance to land some sweet deals.
  • The GAME STUDIOS that are ready to launch their latest game with a real splash can do so by teaming up with these streamers. The streamers will introduce these cool new games to their followers and also catch the eye of operators looking to buy.
  • And here’s the deal for OPERATORS – this whole setup makes their life a whole lot easier. They get to sit back, watch these streamers do their thing, and figure out which game is going to be the next big hit for them.

Where & When?

There will be a dedicated stage at the Networking Lounge on the exhibition floor at the InterContinental Hotel. The tournament will run across the two main Summit days (May 22-23).

Natalie Lees, Senior Conference Producer at SBC: 

“If you’re a streamer eager to showcase your talent not just to your followers but also to prospective collaborators, we invite you to join us. We’re building a community for streamers ready to unleash their potential; expect a gathering of numerous industry players, making our Slot Tournament the perfect stage for you to shine.

“Moreover, you’ll have the chance to be among the first to explore and share new game releases with your audience, who, as we know, are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

“If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who might be, please get in touch. Let’s come together to amplify our presence and make a stronger impact at industry events.”

How Do I Get Involved?

For Casino Streamers: The casino streamers who would like to get involved in the Slot Tournament can drop and email to our Senior Conference Producer, Natalie Lees as [email protected].

For Game Studios: Game studios looking to launch their game/s at the summit and leverage the Slot Tournament for maximum exposure, can connect with our sales team at [email protected]. They’ll guide you through the additional benefits and available packages.

Jan Kowalczyk, Director of Business Development at SBC: “This is a great opportunity for game studios. You get to release your new title with a BANG, showcasing it to both potential partners and the audience of the streamers that we’re inviting. This certainly multiplies the impact of your launch – we all know it requires hard work to not just build the next hit, but also to make sure the industry is talking about it. The streamers will be playing your slot at the Networking Lounge at the heart of the exhibition area, so it will surely catch the eye of passers-by. Reach out to me at [email protected] if you’d like to know more about the packages.”

For Operators: Operators keen on attending the Summit, witnessing the tournament and enjoying numerous other benefits can reach out to Jonny Whelan (Director of Relationships at SBC) at [email protected]  and Louise Mouton (Relationship Manager) at [email protected]  and claim their COMPLIMENTARY ticket to the event.

Alternatively, ping them on LinkedIn Jonathan Whelan, Louise Mouton

Or submit this form (scroll to the bottom).  

Jonathan Whelan, Director of Relationships at SBC: “Operators, this is a fantastic opportunity to sit back and enjoy watching streamers in action. If you’re in the affiliate department, you could be eyeing your next partner to drive traffic to your casino. And, of course, there’s something in it for the casino and product managers; you get to witness all the new games released by various studios and make your picks for what your players would love. Feel free to reach out – my team will help you get your tickets sorted!”

Bonus Points

  1. For Streamers: A Chance to Get Recognised at the Game Developer Awards

The participating casino streamers are also invited to apply for one/or more of the Game Developer Awards categories, specifically designed to celebrate the best streamers. In the past, we’ve only had the ‘Streamer of the Year’ category, but starting this year, to mark the increased presence of streamers at the CasinoBeats Summit, we’re excited to add two more categories to the mix: 

  • Next-Gen Streamer of the Year (celebrating up-and-coming casino streamers)
  • Responsible Streamer of the Year (dedicated to celebrating those casino streamers who demonstrate a positive impact on the casino gaming industry)

Winning an award like this is a testament to the quality of the steamer that you are, so please make sure to enter here.

  1. For Game Studios: A Chance to be Voted at the Studio Behind the Best New Release

Apart from streaming your titles for two days, at the end of the second conference day, the participating streamers will have the opportunity to vote for the best new release. This means that as a game studio, if your slot impresses the real pros, you could celebrate the release in the best possible way – by winning an award. The winner will be crowned at the Game Developer Awards, and the result depends SOLELY on the votes of the streamers, so there’s no need for separate entry.

…..and some more information:

Here are the streamers that have already signed up for the tournament:

Chaz Psaila (Senior Streamer, Livespins), DiceGirl Egle (Slots Streamer & Gambling Content Creator, Ouroboros systems), Esraa Bouzanen (Streamer, Finixio), Versaceoz Oguzhan Bicer, David Fall (Steamer & Influencer, David Plays Slots), Jason Good (Streamer, Gamducks), Casper Udden (Streamer, Gamducks), Alvin Sheldon (Streamer, Chipmonkz), Gav (Streamer, Jord Slots) and more.

The Super Early Bird deal is (still) here, but for a limited time only (ends on 26 February)!

Secure your Full Event Pass for €300, a whopping 50% discount off the original price, which means you can essentially get 2 tickets at the price of one – so why not bring a colleague along?

Get your ticket here

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