GALAXSYS Hexagon game launch

GALAXSYS invites you to the HEXAGON game launch at SBC Summit Barcelona

The GALAXSYS team are heading to this week’s SBC Summit Barcelona to launch the newest game of their portfolio – HEXAGON.

The new title is considered a SKILL game; it is easy to play and super engaging.

The game logic is quite simple: 

At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a box filled with 3 pieces. The player must select the piece they want to move by clicking on it. Once a piece has been selected, all available steps for the chosen piece will be displayed, and the player can then move the piece to one of the available boxes. Game pieces can move one or two boxes (jump) in any direction from their position.

If the player moves a piece in one box, that piece is doubled – it fills the destination box and the original piece remains in its original position (so, the player ends up with two pieces). If the player jumps, the piece moves from its initial position to the destination box without being doubled. The winner of the game is the player who gains more hex-shaped particles by making moves, thus creating new particles or eventually “eating” the opponent’s particles.

HEXAGON’s unique features include: 

  • Guest Mode 
  • Multi-currency support 
  • History View
  • Design Customisation 
  • Attractive and simple animation 
  • Market Adaptation 

The game launch will take place on September 21, 12:00 pm at stand G17 at SBC Summit Barcelona. Besides the launch, the GALAXSYS team has prepared many interesting updates and perfect gift sets for potential partners. 

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