SBC Summit North America helps attendees ‘understand the evolving landscape’ – Salim L. Adatia – GLI

Salim L. Adatia, Vice President of Client Services for North America at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has spoken to SBC ahead of this month’s SBC Summit North America, explaining why GLI is attending the event as well as industry innovations to watch out for over the next year.

What makes SBC Summit North America stand out as an event?

“The Sports Betting and iGaming industries are changing faster than ever, especially in the Americas. GLI is involved with SBC Summit North America to help attendees understand the evolving landscape. 

“We look forward to leveraging our 30+ years of experience gained on the world stage, then laser focusing it for the benefit of suppliers, operators, and regulators looking to capitalize on the rapidly evolving iGaming and Sports Betting market domestically.

“In short, we’ll bring global knowledge to help set the pace of tomorrow to fellow summit attendees. This way they are best set up for success.”

What would you highlight as the biggest opportunity in the US gaming industry over the next couple of years?

“There are many, one could go on for a while here, but a sample of big opportunities over the next coming years is likely as follows:

  • Continued evolution of Sports Betting and iGaming offerings in more US 
  • States, Tribal, and First Nations operations
  • Continued evolution of iLottery
  • Continued evolution of Live Dealer Gaming
  • Innovations in Sports Betting such as new game types, contests, bet types, etc.
  • Innovations and greater controls in the areas of Cybersecurity
  • Maximization of benefits derived through increased synergies between land-based gaming / online gaming partnerships, resulting in greater player experiences for consumers. Also results in greater cross-marketability for operators through more omnichannel, single account/wallet, and in-venue wireless gaming offerings.”

What areas are you focusing on to take advantage of this opportunity?

“We are focused on helping our clients succeed in the areas of Sports Betting, iGaming, iLottery, Live Dealer Gaming, Cybersecurity.”

What industry innovation will capture the most attention in the next 12 months?

“A lot of attention will circulate around the increased integration of blockchain technology, NFT and cryptocurrency, and the metaverse of gaming. It’s tough to tell which of these will pull ahead of others, but they are topical now, and there will likely be attendees representing these areas at SBC Summit North America.”

What core challenges do you help solve for your customers/partners?

“Because GLI is testing at the cutting edge of gaming innovation around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to bring insight to support suppliers, operators, and regulators as they each play a part in bringing the next generation of gaming products from ideation to market.

“Now, more than ever, the gaming industry is experiencing unprecedented change

in technology, innovation, and expanding jurisdictions. Throughout this, GLI remains cognizant that our clients and regulators value partnership and guidance above and beyond testing. As the global leader in testing and regulatory advisory, GLI has a wealth of insight into the future of gaming.

“For more than 30 years, GLI has been the world leader in providing independent product certification services to the lottery, gaming, and wagering industries. Our technical and regulatory compliance staff have built strong relationships with all the regulatory bodies that GLI services. We are the go-to laboratory for regulators for advice, training, and workshops.   

“We stay in constant contact with our regulators and offer roundtables worldwide for regulators to attend so they can stay informed of the latest technologies. These relationships have proven to be a benefit for not just GLI and the regulators but for operators and suppliers, as we have the most current rules, technical standards, and clarifications available worldwide. 

“GLI certifications are accepted in every jurisdiction where private, independent lab

certifications are utilized. GLI is proud to be the only global independent gaming 

test laboratory that can make that claim.

“GLI is very much looking forward to establishing collaborative relationships with SBC Summit North America attendees so that we can best set them up for success.

Who have you especially enjoyed working with over the past year (partner/client)?

“Honestly – everyone! I often say we are the “United Nations” of the gaming industry, given our intersection between suppliers, operators, regulators, and third-party vendors (e.g. KYC, Geolocation, Payment Systems, Responsible Gaming, etc.), and that’s why our job is so fun. 

“We enjoy coming to work every day because their success is our success. In summary, we walk through walls to help each of our valued customers regardless of their size or prominence in the industry by delivering high-quality testing, accurate regulatory advisory support, world-class customer service, and most importantly – the value they deserve from 

their laboratory.”

What are you hoping to learn from the conference at SBC Summit North America?

“GLI is always on the lookout for what’s next in the evolution of technology, and updates in jurisdictional rules, standards, or legislation. If we can learn any of this at the SBC Summit North America show, it’s already a win going into the show. 

“Moreover, we are also keen to expand our network of global customers. It’s exciting to learn who is brand new to the gaming space. We love working with start-ups just as much as we enjoy working with the world’s largest suppliers and operators. Garage-based or publicly listed, it matters little to us so long as they are companies with integrity, seeking to operate in a regulated environment, who want to work with an independent testing laboratory strategically and wholeheartedly.  

“We are also looking to learn how we can better support incumbent suppliers and operators who rely on us day-to-day. Especially. If they are going to be part of a merger, acquisition, or divestiture. We are keen to find out ways to leverage past test results and work we have done across clientele and jurisdictions for their benefit.

“Last but of course certainly not least, we are keen to learn how we can better support the regulators we serve. Those overseeing established gaming offerings, as well as those tasked with expanding into new forms of gaming offerings in their markets.

“We are keen to learn what ‘keeps regulators up at night’ today, tomorrow, and into the future. How can we play a greater role and help them rest easy with sound technical standards, change management processes, secure operations within their jurisdictions, and continuously compliant offerings.”

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