A sneak peek into some of the conference formats we're introducing at CasinoBeats Summit 2024: SEO chatshows, workshops & hackathons. 

Hackathons, Workshops and SEO Chatshows at CasinoBeats Summit

Hi friends,

It’s been a while! 

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, recharged and are all set to jump into this year. How are those resolutions holding up, by the way? 


As you can guess, we’ve got quite a bit of news piled up that we’re eager to share with you. But, we’ll pace ourselves to keep things digestible. In this blog post, we’re going to give you a sneak peek into some of the exciting conference formats we’re introducing this year at CasinoBeats Summit: SEO chatshows, our planned workshops, and the brand-new addition – hackathons. 

Before we proceed, if you like the sound of these and want to get involved, make sure to drop our Senior Conference Producer Natalie Lees an email at [email protected].


You might be wondering – what even is a hackathon?

Since it’s a new format we’re introducing this year, we owe you a short description. A hackathon is an event that aims to get a high-quality solution through collaboration between experts. The keyword here is ‘problem-solving.’ And that’s the goal. Through real-life examples and speed training, our aim is to give our audience an exclusive peek into the inner workings of our experts. Let’s envision a concept and bring it to life together.

→ Game Design Hackathon: Immerse yourself in the dynamic fusion of creativity and technology

We’re inviting designers, developers, and gaming enthusiasts to collaborate and bring an innovative slot game concept to life – right at the event! This session combines networking opportunities with access to well-guarded insights and serves as the ultimate platform for those who are eager to redefine the future of casino gaming. This is where creativity meets innovation, so why not be among those who get to shape the next wave of slot design? 

→ The Customer Experience – Put to the Test

We certainly have a lot to learn from e-commerce when it comes to customer journeys. This is your chance to follow an expert who will dissect the customer journeys of five industry operators, providing real-time evaluations of their strategies. We’ll discuss best practices, fresh perspectives on optimising customer engagement, and how to seamlessly blend innovation and compliance. Stay tuned for more info!

→ Hack – Can ChatGPT make your SEO work easier?

One of the most pressing questions right now. How can SEOs benefit from tools like ChatGPT and Google Sheets to make their work easier, faster, and better? Packed with actionable insights and demonstrations, this session will make things easy for you. Presented by Batuhan Sasi (Technical SEO Manager, Comeon Group).


The SEO Chatshows is a thrilling three-part series hosted by none other than Ivana Flynn, ComeOn Group’s SEO Director. Building on the success of last year’s SEO Trilogy, Ivana is back on the CasinoBeats Summit stage, this time bringing along a squad of SEO mavens to tackle three hot topics in the SEO realm. 

‘Constant Google updates: why are they important, where is Google heading and how to handle them?’ 

This segment will delve into why the world’s largest search engine rolled out so many updates in 2023 and its plans for 2024. We’ll dissect the latest features, discuss who’s gaming the system, ponder if Google really values content quality, and explore how SEO experts can craft strategies for stable growth amidst these relentless updates. 

‘E-E-A-T and AI: frenemies or not?’ 

Here, we’ll focus on the growing significance of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, which highlights user experience, authentic content, and user-generated input. With AI on the rise, a technology that (let’s face it) lacks first-hand experience with products or services, we’ll debate whether AI content is at odds with core EEAT principles and what this means for SEOs.

‘Humanising SEO in the Age of AI: Crafting Intent-Driven Content for the Right Audience.’ 

Despite AI (sometimes) stirring the pot, Google still allows AI-generated content. So, the focus is on figuring out the best use of AI in content creation, drawing insights from our own and other industries. We’ll dive into questions like how much AI content is too much, tools for differentiating between human/AI content, and crucially, ensuring AI aids rather than hinders our SEO efforts. 

The chatshow format of these sessions means you, our audience, can dive right into the action by asking your burning questions and getting firsthand insights from industry experts. This is your chance to snag some actionable tips and insights straight from the source.

In the meantime, feel free to listen to the iGaming Daily podcast detailing what the betting industry can expect within the realm of SEO in 2024 and predictions on what’s going to happen, with Ivana Flynn, Vadim Aidlin, CEO and Co-Founder of Mamuta Media and Edoardo Ganetti, Director of SEO at Gambling.com Group.


Last year showed us that the workshop format, held behind closed doors, was a massive hit among our attendees. There’s a growing preference for more personalised sessions, where the content is hands-on and shaped by audience questions, addressing the specific problems, opportunities, and challenges they face. While we don’t want to bombard you with details on all the workshops happening during the Summit, we’ve picked two to highlight in this edition. 

→ Exclusive SEO Workshop with Out-of-Industry Expert Aleyda Solis 

For those deep in the SEO world, Aleyda Solis hardly needs an introduction. A celebrated international SEO consultant and the founder of boutique SEO consultancy Orainti, she was named European Search Personality in 2018. Aleyda is also a seasoned speaker known for doling out free, actionable SEO tips through her video series and a dedicated newsletter. If she’s not yet on your radar, it’s time to look her up. 

CasinoBeats Summit attendees will have a rare opportunity to tap into Aleyda’s expertise. She’ll be dissecting and troubleshooting 5 audience-sourced questions during the session. These questions will be collected ahead of the event to ensure they resonate with a broad segment of our audience and are both relevant and timely. So start thinking about your questions – we’ll be collecting them soon. 

→ Building a VIP Program: Understanding the Fundamental Requirements to Succeed with Gali Hartuv, CEO of WarriorLab 

Gali will guide you through the nitty-gritty of launching a VIP program – a revenue jackpot for any operator. He’ll cover the technical aspects, including reporting, automation, and bonus strategies. Expect to learn about various types of VIP programs, budgeting approaches, and how to excel in customer segmentation to create that tailored, personalised VIP experience everyone is aiming for. 

You can access information about all the workshops and reserve your spot today by clicking here. Please note that participation is exclusive to CasinoBeats Summit ticket holders.


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