SBC Digital Summit Latinoamerica

Ideas, connections and business opportunities at SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica

SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica is less than two weeks away and excitement is building for the largest virtual trade show for the Latin American betting and gaming industry. 

Register by 12 June and your Full Event Pass will be free. Here are just the top eight reasons you should hurry to take advantage of that great opportunity. 

1. A full event experience delivered direct to your home or office 

Physical trade shows are not possible at the moment, but the sharing of ideas, connection and business opportunities that would have happened at now postponed or cancelled events is more vital than ever to the industry. That’s why the SBC Digital Events series was created, to provide a platform for all those things to continue in a virtual environment that you can access from the safe environment of your home or office. 

SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica will replicate all the key elements of a physical event. So you can look forward to a virtual conference featuring 60 high-profile executives sharing their ideas for the future of the LatAm betting and gaming industry, an interactive exhibition showcasing the latest products from major suppliers, and a host of virtual networking opportunities. 

And there’s one major additional benefit of the virtual conference and exhibition format – it’s really straightforward to connect with the people you want to speak to. There’s no traipsing around the venue floor hoping to catch a glimpse of them, no awkward staring at name badges and no nervy introductions. You have the choice of the one-to-one chat function, the event platform’s email system, group chats in the virtual networking bar, themed networking sessions, product presentations and workshops – all of which give you a simple way to make new contacts with just a few keystrokes. 

2. Learn from the best

The speaker line-up for SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica features both local market experts and senior executives from international operators, all ready to share their insights on the betting and gaming industry in the region.

Among those ready to detail their experiences of regional markets and ideas for growth are JD Duarte (CEO, Betcris), Germán Segura (CEO, BetPlay), Rodrigo Afanador Carrasco (CEO,, Fernanda Sainz (CMO LatAm, Caliente Interactive),  Andre Gelfi (Managing Director, Betsson Suaposta), Gonzalo Perez (CEO, Apuesta Total) and  Waldir Marques (Undersecretary, SECAP).

They will be joined by European operators with a strong focus in LatAm, including José González Fuentes (President, Luckia), David Plumi (Managing Director Spain, Betsson), Xabier Rodriguez Maribona (CEO, Retabet), Jaume Moragues Farràs (Online Director, Luckia) and Andrea Rossi (Commercial Director for Southern Europe and Latin America, Betsson).

In addition to hearing from betting and gaming industry experts, delegates will have the chance to learn more about sports integrity in the region. The event keynote will be delivered by Ennio Bovolenta (Head of Integrity, FIFA), while the Sports Betting In Focus track preview will be presented by Graciela Garay (Ethics and Compliance Officer, CONMEBOL) and Julio Lansac (Integrity Officer, CONMEBOL).  

3. Identify the best sports betting opportunities 

Latin America has long been regarded as a land of opportunity for the sports betting industry and, with regulation seemingly moving forward in a number of countries, the moment when that potential can finally be fully realised is fast approaching. But where in the region will that happen first and which opportunities will be right for your business?

You will pick up a wealth of useful insights to help you identify not just the biggest opportunities, but also some you may not have previously considered, during the virtual conference sessions. The agenda addresses developments in regulation, online betting and the land based industry, and also features sessions that will see both international and local market experts outline some of the strategies needed to reach and engage with customers in the LatAm region.

4. Meet prospective new business partners

The 2,000+ delegates at SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica will feature a host of people interested in the same business opportunities as you. Sure, some of them will be competitors, but there will be plenty more who are interested in collaborations. 

Alongside you in the audience will be multinational and local-market operators, suppliers, investors, affiliates with an established LatAm footprint, gambling industry lawyers, compliance experts, localisation specialists, and sponsorship teams from sports clubs and leagues – all looking for the right businesses to work with.

You will have plenty of opportunities to connect with them in themed virtual networking sessions focused on the markets in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. And if you miss those there are many more chances to connect via the direct chat and email facilities, at product presentations and in the interactive expo hall, or in the virtual networking bar. 

5. See the next generation of products for your business 

Gambling is a fast-moving, high-tech industry and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations that could give your business a competitive advantage – particularly with physical trade shows currently off the agenda.

As a delegate at SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica, you will be able to see new products from a range of leading suppliers without having to leave your home or office. The 20-booth interactive exhibition will allow you to watch video demos, download information and speak to the suppliers’ product experts.

The event also features a programme of live product presentations, complete with Q&A functionality and chance to share your contact details with suppliers if you wish to learn more. 

6. Stay home, do business 

If your company supplies B2B products or services, your ultimate goal when visiting a physical trade show is to meet new contacts who go on to become valuable customers. Why would your aim be any different at a virtual event? 

At the global SBC Digital Summit in April, attendees proved very keen to meet suppliers and consultants, who ended the week with lots of new leads to follow-up as a result.  And the LatAm edition promises to follow the same pattern, with the extra dimension of international delegates looking to link up with people who have local market knowledge. 

The digital event format represents great value in terms of both money and time for anyone looking to sell products or services. You can participate in the event from home (so your travel and accommodation budget is zero) and the relevance of the audience means an hour spent making new contacts using the virtual networking tools is likely to be much more productive than a day of standard prospecting. 

7. It’s about more than football

The reason most often cited for the gambling industry’s excitement about the LatAm region is the idea that the population is obsessed with football. Europeans are also keen on football, but it is just one element of the continent’s vast multi-faceted gambling sector, so why should it be any different in South and Central America?

SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica’s agenda features a selection of high-level executives who will outline what the non-football opportunities look like in the different countries in the LatAm region. Whether your interest is in casino, slots, poker, lottery, esports, virtual sports, or advertising and marketing, you’ll benefit from some in-depth insights to inform your decision making.  

You can also meet people with shared business interests at themed networking sessions dedicated to the future of lotteries and the affiliate sector, or via the one-to-one chat tool and in the virtual networking bar. 

8. Tackle the payments question 

One of the crucial issues affecting the development of the betting and gaming industry in Latin America is the payments infrastructure and whether or not it can cope with increasing levels of online wagering. The ‘Cashless Future: Solving LatAm’s Payments Problem’ conference session will address some of the main questions and outline what steps need to happen next. 

Delegates from payments companies will also have the chance to connect with operators’ senior payments staff in a dedicated virtual networking session, where the discussion will centre around how they can work together in a safe and secure manner. 

To find full details of SBC Digital Summit Latinoamérica’s conference agenda, networking schedule and interactive exhibition, and to discover how to secure a complimentary ticket, visit the event’s official website: 

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