Lucien Wijsman’s Masterclasses at the Canadian Gaming Summit: A Deep Dive into RTP and TQM

In the fast-paced world of the gambling industry, seasoned professionals often possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that enrich both their careers and the industry itself. Lucien, a veteran figure with roots tracing back to 1987, embodies this wealth of experience. His journey, spanning from land-based casino operations to becoming a globally sought-after advisor, has been nothing short of remarkable.

In this exclusive interview, Lucien Wijsman shares his insights, shedding light on his extensive involvement in training and the inception of the Electronic Gaming Academy.ย 

Reflecting on his participation in the Canadian Gaming Summit, Lucien reminisces about the vibrant atmosphere and engaging discussions that characterized the event. This year, he returns with renewed vigor, revisiting the topic of Return to Player (RTP) and introducing a session on Total Quality Management (TQM), catering to the evolving needs of casino operators worldwide.

Q1: Hi Lucien. Before we proceed, can you give us a snapshot of your background and how you’re linked to the gambling industry?

Of course. I consider myself a bit of a casino dinosaur, having been around since 1987. I spent about 15 years working in land-based casino operations, mainly focusing on electronic gaming, before transitioning to become an (traveling) advisor. I’ve had the opportunity to work and live in many different European countries, Russia, Northern Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Canada.

Q2: How did you initially become involved in training, and what led to the creation of the Electronic Gaming Academy? Could you walk us through the concept behind the academy that guided its development?

When I lived in Moscow, I kept in touch with my other customers by offering training courses. It quickly expanded, and before I knew it, I was conducting face-to-face training courses all over the world (with the exception of Australia). This has always been a part-time endeavor for me, as I prefer to remain actively involved in land-based operations.

Q3: Recalling your masterclass at the Canadian Gaming Summit last year, what were your impressions, and how does the subject matter differ this time around? Can you provide insight into what the upcoming session will delve into and why it’s pertinent to discuss?

I loved the Summit in Toronto last year! It was held at a great venue with an interesting crowd, providing superb networking opportunities from my perspective.

Last year, I delved into the relevance and impact of Return to Player (RTP) on the playerโ€™s experience, regardless of whether they were playing at a land-based or an online casino. I had planned to conduct this session over two days, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on the second day.ย 

Therefore, I’ll be hosting this session again this year, as it was well received last year, and I’m aware that some people would like to attend. Additionally, I’ll be adding a session this year focusing on the importance of Total Quality Management (TQM) for both land-based and online casino operators.

Q4: Can you provide a glimpse into the valuable insights attendees can expect to gain from your masterclass, without revealing too much?ย  Additionally, which roles within the industry do you think would benefit most from this session?

Letโ€™s begin with the last question: RTP and TQM are relevant to all levels of management.

In the session about RTP, I examine this topic from various perspectives. What exactly is RTP? Are there player categories that would perceive this RTP differently? Can RTP be set too high or too low? What are the current trends, and can we analyze RTP in isolation from other game parameters such as game duration, cost to cover, and volatility? I understand that many slot managers hold strong opinions on RTP, but I strive to maintain objectivity and refrain from taking a definitive stance. At the same time, I do not shy away from heated discussions (actually, I love heated conversations).

In the session about TQM, I draw upon my experiences primarily in land-based casinos. As both a player (yes, I’m one of them!) and a consultant, I observe what casinos do and how they do it. Often, I find myself questioning the reasons behind certain casino practices. What is the underlying promise or goal? Can operators demonstrate that they are effectively achieving their intended goals or fulfilling their stated promises? For me, TQM isn’t just a dry management concept; it’s a dynamic approach that significantly contributes to improving the bottom line. I hope to captivate the attendees with my stories and explanations.

Q5: Can you provide specifics regarding the date, time, and venue of the masterclass? Also, how can individuals interested in participating go about applying for attendance?

June 19th from 12:00 to 14:00 (noon till 2PM) will be dedicated to exploring the relevance of RTP, while on June 20th, also from 12:00 to 14:00, I will delve into the significance of TQM.

Q6: Beyond your role in leading the masterclass, what are you most enthusiastic about regarding the Canadian Gaming Summit?

It’s such a fantastic opportunity to network and engage with leading companies and operators in their respective fields! The evening programs at SBC Summits are always enjoyable as well. I’m truly excited about returning to Toronto!

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