SBC Summit Rio: The Producers Tell All

SBC Summit Rio: The Producers Tell All

The vibrant energy of Brazil’s burgeoning betting scene has drawn the attention of global industry players, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the market. 

With anticipation building and regulatory stability on the horizon, SBC is poised to debut its inaugural Brazil-focused event, SBC Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, on March, 5-7, 2024.

In the quest to understand the intricacies of this flourishing market, we sat down with key members of the conference team, Aidan Brain (VP Conference Production, Americas) and Sofia Pinto (Conference Producer, SBC), to glean insights into the meticulous process behind crafting an agenda tailored to the key desires of industry stakeholders seeking to make a significant impact in the region.

Q1: Amid the ongoing buzz around Brazil, SBC is launching its first event in Rio in March! What are the key elements that make this platform an essential addition at this time?

Aidan Brain: SBC is a first mover, and we’ve been waiting to press play on this conference since sports betting was a mere twinkle in regulators’ eyes! It is hugely important for the operators currently in Brazil, but we are also looking to provide a roadmap for those international players about to make their way in. 

We will have a panel focussing on the first six months of regulation, keeping an eye on the future, for example. We will also have a panel where international operators will talk about their experiences and challenges entering the market, which I think will be very illuminating.

Sofia Pinto:
Amidst all the buzz surrounding Brazil, we are really thrilled to unveil SBC’s debut event in Rio! Brazil is on the brink of a monumental transformation in the betting and gaming world, with new regulations and opportunities waiting to be seized. SBC Summit Rio comes at just the right time, perfectly aligning with the pivotal changes underway. 

Offering unique networking opportunities and insights from key decision-makers and stakeholders, the conference agenda will cover the current state and future of this dynamic market, providing the perfect mix to delve into this exciting journey ahead.

Q2: In the context of a market experiencing regulatory transformation, what are the most significant hurdles you encounter in developing a conference agenda?

AB:  When we started building this agenda, there were still many unknowns. And there are still many unknowns! As regulations change and are adapted, so too does SBC’s content—we like to stay at the cutting edge of the current situation.

SP: Navigating regulatory uncertainties and understanding Brazil’s market dynamics, which set it apart from all other betting markets, can be quite the puzzle. This is a market with distinct demands and unconventional approaches, often rendering strategies that worked in other parts of the world fall short here. To make headway, we had to start from square one, gathering the latest research directly from industry experts in the field to build a conference agenda tailored to this evolving landscape. However, collecting up-to-date market research and insights becomes more challenging when regulations are in flux. That being said, regulations will continue to evolve and naturally, so will our conference agenda, ensuring the most up-to-date discussions and insights.

Q3: While Brazil boasts a thriving influencer and streamer scene, it falls short in terms of representation from more traditional affiliates. How do you intend to support attending affiliates in gaining a better understanding of the market and effective entry strategies?

AB: Brazil is a new market, so the possibilities are limitless. Maybe affiliates, in a traditional sense, haven’t been a large feature of the scene so far, but going forward, if affiliates get the right insights into the market, they can make a big splash.

The content we’re offering aims to help them with that! Our Affiliate Leaders panel highlights the entry routes to the market and suggests how incoming affiliates—and the operators that work with them—might be able to carve out their niche. Our Influencers panel talks about the other side of it; the non-traditional affiliates.

SP: While traditional affiliation may not have taken off in this market, Brazil is witnessing a surge in unconventional affiliate strategies. We’re genuinely excited to share and facilitate learning about these innovative approaches, finely tuned to meet the unique demands of the market. We acknowledge the questions surrounding the feasibility of traditional affiliation in Brazil and recognize the necessity to explore these possibilities and their viability within the conference agenda.

The conference serves as a platform for affiliates seeking to enter the Brazilian market, a place where affiliates can connect with local influencers, streamers, and industry veterans who have thrived in this realm. Our mission is to deliver valuable insights and alternative perspectives into the market and offer the opportunity to foster relationships and collaborations.

Q4: The new regulations will address concerns regarding sports integrity, match-fixing, and advertising—are these talking points on the agenda? 

AB: Yes, they are major talking points. Integrity and responsible advertising are crucial requirements for the continued regulation of sports betting in Brazil. Therefore, we are bringing in not only the regulators who can discuss why and how they intend to monitor these concerns but also the operators and the sports teams who will outline their manifestos on how they intend to keep gambling safe and legal in the country.

SP: Definitely! These are essential topics for understanding the regulatory landscape. A key focus on the agenda will be to investigate how stakeholders monitor these concerns and come together to tackle them collaboratively.

Integrity will be taking centre stage, structured as a three-part trilogy. During these sessions, experts will explore three pivotal aspects that are at the forefront of integrity in Brazilian sports: SAF, Human Rights and Tech-Driven Integrity. Together these key areas will examine the future landscape for integrity, compliance and match-fixing prevention. So, stay tuned to discover how major sports teams, regulators, and organizations will address these crucial topics!

Q5: With operators, suppliers, and affiliates eager to grasp the intricacies of the soon-to-be-regulated market, can they look forward to meeting and engaging with representatives from the Brazilian regulatory body?

AB: Yes, the conference wouldn’t be as useful without hearing from the regulators. Regulation in Brazil right now is still in a state of flux, so operators, suppliers, and affiliates alike need face time with the people making it happen. We will have the Ministry of Finance, state lotteries, and more regulator representatives on our Leader’s panels.

SP: Absolutely, attendees can look forward to meeting and engaging with representatives from the Brazilian regulatory body; after all, they are the key decision-makers shaping the future of the market!

This direct engagement is a hallmark of our conference, making it a valuable and essential tool for all stakeholders.

Q6: Given the immense potential of the Brazilian market, it’s reasonable to expect that leading companies may have an interest in striking acquisition deals with promising local players. Will there be any M&A panels on the agenda?

AB: Yes, we’ll have M&A panels, as we expect this to be a major feature of the first couple of years of the scene. One of them is M&A for New Market Entry, which I think will attract a lot of interest from our attendees.

SP: M&A is always an important topic when entering a new market, so attendees can certainly expect this on the agenda. Many are already recognizing the vital need to build early relationships to assist them in their market entry. Our dedicated panel will not only explore the significance and current market dynamics but also delve into the multifaceted factors shaping these decisions, examining aspects such as branding, financial considerations, and regulatory complexities that contribute to this complex process in Brazil.

Q7: Considering the importance of newcomers in the market engaging with sports fans, does the agenda delve into the complexities and nuances of the relationships between operators, sports teams, and players?

AB: It’s a Brazilian event, so you know we’re going to have a lot of sports teams and leagues on the panels! Sponsorship deals between operators and teams (and players) are huge—they’ve been a big success in other markets, but we expect them to go absolutely stratospheric in Brazil, depending on how regulation around this shakes out! Also, we’ll have a live recording of the latest episode of Behind the Badge, an SBC podcast focusing on the world of sports away from the live action, which is going to be great to watch.

SP: Yes, indeed! This is a favorite topic area for this event! Our expert speakers will delve into various options available for these stakeholders, from branding to collaboration, to co-branding between the two sides, highlighting common mistakes and success stories.

Q8: Competition is always intense in the gambling industry, but even more so when businesses are vying for an early foothold in a lucrative market. I’ve noticed several topics on innovative marketing tactics – could you provide more details on these?

AB: We’ll be exploring the use of chat-based communications in one panel, influencers in another; there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the innovation happening in the Brazilian market right now.

SP: We recognized that Brazilian players’ expectations significantly differed from those in other markets, and international operators face the challenge of adapting to this unique landscape. Culturally, Brazil presents a distinct market, emphasizing the importance for operators and affiliates to be well-prepared for this change and to approach the market with a deeper understanding of the player’s expectations.

Given the anticipated popularity, standing out from the crowd also becomes an important factor, and this is where innovative marketing comes in.

The panels are curated to highlight cutting-edge and inventive ways of marketing and advertising. We aim to open participants to new perspectives on how to reach and resonate with the Brazilian audience effectively.

Q9: In curating this agenda, you’ve engaged with numerous market thought leaders. Can you provide us with the essential lessons and insights that shaped the selection of panel discussion topics?

AB: One thing we learned is just how unique the Brazilian market is. It’s huge—the second biggest in the Americas, with potential to become the first—and so that comes with intricacies of its own. Like the US, Brazil is a federation of states, each with its own regulatory bodies, lotteries and so on; so that’s one piece. On top of that, Brazil’s culture around sports and advertising is particularly unique—so the focus on influencers is another thing, for example. We learned you can’t just treat Brazil like any other market.

SP: The process has been all about understanding the present landscape and envisioning future scenarios. Several pivotal elements have steered these discussions, including consumer behaviour, regulatory framework and cultural dynamics.

My favorite was getting to find out about the burgeoning popularity of influencer partnerships and the importance of chat-based communication within the market. With recent announcements of new safeguarding guidelines, there is a keen anticipation to explore the forthcoming impacts.

Equally, and not mentioned yet, PSPs and their collaborative approach with operators added interest to the research.

There isn’t only one but many insights and lessons that have helped shape the conference agenda and we are excited to share more with our attendees.

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