GeoComply at SBC Summit North America

‘SBC brings the industry together and offers great content’ – Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, GeoComply

As SBC Summit North America gets underway, Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, Senior Director, Global Markets at GeoComply explains why the company is eager to attend the summit and engage with the ‘high quality’ networking sessions on offer.

Additionally, she discusses some of the key issues facing the industry, including the ‘increasing complexity’ of fighting cybercrime and responsible gambling issues as the North American sports betting and igaming industries grow.

SBC: What makes SBC Summit North America stand out as an event?

SWG: SBC brings the industry together and is especially effective in gathering the sports community. It offers great content with high-quality networking.

SBC: What would you highlight as the biggest opportunity in the US gaming industry over the next couple of years?

SWG: More states regulating igaming.

SBC: What industry innovation will capture the most attention in the next 12 months?

SWG: Increased use of technology to help fight the increasing complexity of cybercrime, responsible gaming initiatives and giving customers a highly personalised and safe gaming experience. The popularity of shared gamification and content will also bring innovations similar to other industries such as media.

SBC: What core challenges do you help solve for your customers/partners?

SWG: We help our customers comply with complex regulations by providing compliance-grade geolocation detection and fraud solutions to help them verify a user’s true digital identity.  We also help our customers to fight fraud and strengthen their KYC, AML and sanctions compliance.     

SBC: Who have you especially enjoyed working with over the past year?

SWG: We enjoy working with all our customers to support their growth and expansion into new jurisdictions in the US, Canada and globally

SBC: What are you hoping to learn from the conference at SBC Summit North America?

SWG: We always learn from industry meetings! There are a lot of innovations and there is a demand for reliable technologies to support live video content. We are excited to learn what the trends are, and learn about the maturity of the market, and its challenges. Almost like a SWOT analysis that will help the involved stakeholders shape the future. 

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