Scout Gaming Group – Using DFS to attract new target groups

Scout Gaming Group is sponsoring Betting on Football 2018, the fifth edition of the largest international football and betting trade conference at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea FC.

Ahead of the 20-23 March event, we spoke to the company’s Group CEO Andreas Ternstrom about what he is looking forward to at #bofcon2018, which innovation he expects to capture the most attention in 2018, and who he is backing to lift the World Cup trophy in Russia.

SBC: What are you looking forward to at Betting on Football?

AT: Meeting the experts and decision makers within the sports betting industry to discuss Daily Fantasy Sports games as tools to drive revenue and obtain higher loyalty to the sports betting vertical. With the help of DFS network liquidity and applications to cross sell DFS players in to Sports betting and vice versa.

Also, to understand how to use DFS the sports gambling segment to meet a younger more demanding target group. I’m also looking forward to understanding and discussing the trends and challenges within the sports gambling vertical along with the reregulation processes going on around Europe.

The possibility to meet new partners and understand how to develop, adapt and position our products for the future with the inputs from this conference is key.

SBC: What are you promoting at Betting on Football?

AT: Scout Gaming Group is a licensed and regulated B2B Fantasy Sports provider listed at Nasdaq First North Stockholm (SCOUT). Scout holds a Maltese B2B license and offering a market leading FS/DFS solution based on the latest technology.

Scout enables operators to tap into the rapidly growing FS/DFS market, providing a first-class user interface and the widest selection of games. Scout has an in-house StatCentre giving full control of the data thereby allowing support of any sport, local or international, and real-time game-stats which is imperative for the player experience. The Scout solution offers multi-language support, is easy to integrate and is fully customizable.

Along with our DFS Solution, we also supply leading network liquidity in Europe, a range of applications for cross-sales in to sports betting and new faster revenue driving DFS games.

SBC: What industry innovation will capture the most attention in 2018?

AT: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in different forms. I believe that there are some trends and challenges in the gambling industry that needs to be solved where DFS could be the tool. I believe that DFS creates higher loyalty hence lower churn and higher Life time values.

It is also a vertical adopting the trend of the editorial reporting towards the focus on the players and individual sports athletes instead of the teams. DFS also solves social factor that many times are missing as DFS is a pool game. So, by using DFS in the right way you have a new tool that can attract new target groups and drive healthy revenue.

SBC: How can your company help to improve the customer experience ahead of the World Cup?

AT: We are providing the World Cup in our Daily Fantasy Sports Solution. We are also launching a Predictor game and a DFS Duel game. These three games are all pool games but will help the operators to acquire a lot of customers in to their brands and later on cross sell them in to their sports book.

We think it’s important to have a broad range of games to offer the customer to supply a full experience around the World Cup and get the full loyalty of the customer by cross selling these games in to each other.

SBC: Who are you backing to win the tournament, and why?

AT: Sweden! If Sweden can win over Italy in the qualifications looking like zombies, then Sweden can win any tournament and why not the World Cup. I love Italy and the way they play football, so at least, if Sweden will win, Italy don’t have to be so embarrassed about the loss in the qualifications.

Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden!

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