using a ‘deep understanding of audience desires’ to maximise marketing success using a ‘deep understanding of audience desires’ to maximise marketing success

Apple, Nike, Spotify and Netflix are just a few global companies that can attribute a significant portion of their success to efficient marketing.

In this CasinoBeats Summit discussion, Calvin Sammut, Head of Brand and Creative Strategy at, explains how marketing continues to evolve in an increasingly digital world, discussing how a “combination of social media and influencer marketing has become a catalyst for growth”.

CasinoBeats: What steps do you believe can be taken to future-proof marketing and ensure lucrative campaigns stand the test of time?

Calvin Sammut: To stand the test of time, brands must honour their history while embracing innovation.

By using data-driven tools, brands gain a deep understanding of their audience’s desires. Integrating these insights with evolving technologies like artificial intelligence ensures that their marketing campaigns are effective immediately and resonate deeply with consumers, giving them lasting impact.

Simultaneously, brands must stay true to their original values, the principles that initially made them stand out. These core values are vital for maintaining authenticity. By drawing from their heritage, foundational principles and unique selling points, brands can effectively steer their marketing strategies.

Storytelling is among the most powerful marketing tactics, and AI has the potential to enhance this by involving consumers directly in the narratives. For instance, the campaign “Greatest World Cup Ever” exemplifies this. This AI-driven campaign invited fans to appear in a personalised film alongside cricket stars.

Similarly, Spotify Wrapped leverages data-driven insights to craft personalised summaries of users’ listening habits throughout the year. By showcasing individual preferences and music trends, Spotify not only engages users in a reflective experience but also amplifies its brand reach through user-generated content shared on social media platforms.

CB: How can companies active in different sectors effectively cross-sell different products via innovative marketing?

CS: Cross-selling necessitates a deep comprehension of consumer behaviour.

Using data analytics, brands can unearth opportunities across different sectors, as demonstrated by the relationship between Apple and Nike. Their partnership seamlessly combined technology with sportswear, acknowledging the shared interests of their overlapping customer bases. Through collaborative marketing campaigns, they underscored the complementary advantages of their products, employing omnichannel approaches to effectively target diverse audiences.

Strategic influencer partnerships and brand endorsements were integral components of this collaboration. By maintaining coherence in messaging and branding, Apple and Nike augmented the effectiveness of their cross-sell strategy, ultimately driving mutual promotion and consumer engagement.

CB: Can you tell us some of the ways in which influencer marketing and social media has evolved the way emerging companies reach new audiences?

CS: The combination of social media and influencer marketing has become a catalyst for the growth of both established and smaller brands.

Social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, have not only given direct access to niche audiences but have also transformed consumers into active nano-influencers. This shift has been instrumental in providing smaller brands with genuine connections and authentic interaction with their audience.

Social media allows brands to showcase their unique personality and tone of voice, connecting with their audience in ways not possible before. Brands can now engage in real-time conversations, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and express their values and beliefs authentically.

A perfect example of this are brands like Duolingo and GymShark. Duolingo’s social channels are full of humour and wit, mirroring the playful tone of its app. This approach resonates with its audience, creating a connection beyond language education.

Similarly, Gymshark uses social media and influencers to showcase its fitness apparel and inspire and motivate its followers on their fitness journeys.

CB: What are the benefits to tapping into the latest trends when it comes to marketing?

CS: Culture shapes brands and brands shape culture. By leveraging trending topics and cultural moments, brands can stay relevant, boost engagement and improve brand perception.

Staying culturally relevant gives brands a competitive edge, helping them stand out, grab consumer attention and showcase their creativity.  When this happens, it signals that you, as a brand, understand and care about your audience – not as customers but as people.

CB: Is it crucial that global firms take a localised approach when looking to engage a new audience in a specific market?

CS: Localised marketing is key for a brand looking to break into new markets. Glocalisation considers local cultures to enhance communication, meet local preferences and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.

By customising marketing efforts to fit different cultural contexts, brands increase their acceptance, gain an edge over competitors and build trust with local consumers. Keeping the global identity intact while adjusting to local differences is essential for effectively entering new markets and achieving long-term growth.

A notable example of this is Netflix. The company remains relevant globally by providing viewers with content tailored to their location. By adapting its content to match specific cultural tastes, Netflix fully embraces localization. The platform suggests everything from original series to movies based on cultural preferences.

CB: How important is the CasinoBeats Summit Malta and why is it so vital that open forums are held when it comes to marketing?

CS: I believe the CasinoBeats Summit is a key event for the gaming and casino industry in Malta. It provides professionals with great opportunities for networking and sharing knowledge. I’m really excited to attend this year’s event.

I’m eager to hear from leading experts about addressing current challenges and discovering innovative solutions. I’m also looking forward to networking with peers who will undoubtedly provide valuable insights.


Samut will be providing further insights into the world of marketing at the CasinoBeats Malt Summit next month. You can currently purchase your tickets with a nice Group Discount for the price of just €400 (a discount of  €200 off a standard ticket).

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Source: CasinoBeats

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