13 Reasons Why You Should Attend CasinoBeats Summit - SBC

13 Reasons Why You Should Attend CasinoBeats Summit — an SBC Event

Right now, SBC is juggling a thrilling lineup of seven stellar events on our industry calendar.

But let’s be real, the event landscape is a wild ride. In this blog dive, we’re spotlighting the uniqueness of one standout — CasinoBeats Summit 2024.

Get ready for 13 compelling reasons to mark your calendar for the 6th edition, taking place from May 23rd to 25th at the InterContinental Hotel in Malta.

CasinoBeats Summit 2024 Unique Selling Points

  1. A deep-dive into ALL THINGS CASINO

Whether it’s the exploration of #slots or a deep dive into other #casino formats like land-based, live casino, or alternative games, we attract senior decision-makers from key stakeholders. At CasinoBeats Summit, your brand can gain prominence by being strategically positioned to capture the attention of an audience directly aligned with your business goals.

For exhibitor/sponsor queries contact [email protected] 

  1. Focus on INTERACTIVE conference formats

From immersive #workshops and #hackathons to thought-provoking roundtable panels and enlightening #keynotes, our approach is anything but ordinary. No snooze-worthy lectures; we’re committed to delivering actionable insights and concrete specifics, ensuring that every learning moment translates into real-world understanding.

  1. Actionable Insights from #PRODUCT Specialists

Amidst the evolving tech landscape, where questions on implementation abound and the demand for innovation grows louder, our agenda emerges as the ultimate solution. The stage belongs to the real game-changers – the brilliant minds behind groundbreaking products who are ready to share actionable insights. The goal here is to unveil the secrets that will not just answer industry questions but redefine the very trajectory of innovation

  1. Your one-stop access to CASINO #STREAMERS

Witness streamers in action as they play and review the newest slot games launched exclusively at our summit, creating a real-time buzz for their audiences and maximising the impact of these game releases. Operators and game providers can capitalise on this opportunity to connect directly with these influential streamers, opening doors for collaborations that position them as potent advocates for your brands.

Contact Natalie Lees if you’re a streamer!

  1. Intensive focus on EMERGING #TECH AND #AI

Our series of expert-led panels dissect the profound impact of these technologies on the fabric of our daily work. Whether you’re steering product development, driving marketing initiatives, or navigating the intricacies of compliance, these sessions are tailored to elevate your understanding and empower you to thrive in the evolving landscape of innovation.

  1. A magnified spotlight on #AFFILIATES

Our dedicated relationship team is curating an extensive network of affiliates, strategically chosen for their expertise across diverse European markets. Specialising in casino promotions through cutting-edge channels like #SEO, #PPC, and other innovative formats, these affiliates are set to redefine the dynamics of the CasinoBeats Summit. 


Beyond operators, affiliates, streamers, and other essential stakeholders, our focus shines on game studios, both established and emerging. This is your prime opportunity to showcase new releases, discuss cutting-edge game mechanics, and delve into player engagement. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about customer experience through engaging panels, hackathons, and a vibrant exhibition.

  1. Learn more about GLOBAL markets (#regulations)

Embark on a journey through global markets, from meticulously regulated landscapes like the UK to grey markets such as Japan, and everything in between. Our unique roundtable format is tailored to your needs, guided directly by audience questions and moderated by a market expert. This interactive format aims to unravel the complexities of regulations in diverse markets, making this the ideal space to get your burning questions answered.

  1. Meet OUT-OF-THE-INDUSTRY experts

CasinoBeats Summit places paramount emphasis on out-of-the-industry experts to inspire our industry. We recognise the invaluable influence of video gaming in propelling technological advancements, and as trailblazers in innovation, we’re bringing these visionary experts directly to you to deliver lessons that transcend industry boundaries.

  1. A fresh angle on LEADERSHIP

Experience leadership from a fresh angle with our sessions that are designed to challenge conventional thinking, prioritising talent retention and cultivating a positive workforce. Dive deep into the intricacies of mental health, stress management, and mentorship, paving the way for personal development through unique channels like meditation and poker.

  1. An opportunity to involve your ENTIRE TEAM

Immerse your entire team in an event designed to maximise educational impact across all facets of your organisation. At CasinoBeats Summit you can elevate your company’s presence by sending a diverse delegation of team members from various departments, as our meticulously crafted agenda ensures a tailored and enriching experience for every attendee, creating a truly comprehensive learning journey.

Get in touch with Louise Beyer Mouton (if you’re an operator), Julian Pitts (if you are an affiliate), or purchase your ticket with a 50% discount.

  1. Empowering young ENTREPRENEURS

The event will feature a wealth of panels meticulously crafted to empower this vibrant community of aspiring entrepreneurs. Young visionaries will get the opportunity to gain invaluable insights, forge connections, and navigate the evolving landscape of business ownership.

  1. Get RECOGNITION for your work through GAME DEVELOPER AWARDS!

Elevate your company to the pinnacle of recognition with the prestigious Game Developer Awards, a cornerstone of the CasinoBeats Summit. This is more than an opportunity; it’s a spotlight on your achievements, thrusting your company to the forefront of industry attention. Our recognition criteria are grounded in the notable achievements of companies that have made waves in the past year. Whether you’re an established powerhouse seeking to fortify your position or a burgeoning player eager to add credibility to your offerings, the Game Developer Awards is your definitive platform for distinction.

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