AffPapa & Roobet partner to boost crypto casino environment

AffPapa is thrilled to spread the word about its brand-new year-long collaboration agreement with Roobet – a crypto-centered online casino.

The crypto-focused casino was established in 2019, and since then, it has been operating in regulated markets to attract players and keep them engaged. Based on the blockchain fin-tech innovation, Roobet strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the online gambling sector.

Roobet strives for the utmost usability while engaging players in entertaining games like Plinko and Crash. The iGaming operator delivers live dealers personalized to each player by facilitating both casino and sports betting experiences.

The collaboration with AffPapa will open up new horizons for Roobet. The crypto-centric iGaming operator will now have an outreach to a large network of affiliates on AffPapa’s directory the advanced features of which facilitate the search process and enable the operator to identify the appropriate partner.


Roobet’s Head of Acquisition, Marian Melinte, expressed his thoughts on this partnership:

β€œWe are thrilled to announce our new partnership with AffPapa. We’re passionate about the iGaming space and its intersection with blockchain innovation, and we can’t wait to bring Roobet to an even wider audience. This partnership will be hugely valuable as we work to further expand our network throughout the iGaming industry. This is a very exciting step forward for us, and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!”


Head of Commercials at AffPapa, Yeva Avagyan, stated:

β€˜β€™The team behind AffPapa is excited for this brand-new cooperation with the crypto-focused online casino. AffPapa always strives to expand its network of reliable partners like Roobet, further strengthening its position in the market as the go-to directory for iGaming affiliates and operators.’’

AffPapa is always open to collaborate with reliable partners in different iGaming niches – all with the goal of expanding its reach and making industry connections more accessible. AffPapa’s team is also thrilled to ensure wide media coverage for its partners, so drop us a line if you want to join the AffPapa community.

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