Delia Töpfer, Baden Casino: The Need to Prioritise Hyper-Personalisation

Delia Töpfer, Baden Casino: The Need to Prioritise Hyper-Personalisation

The CasinoBeats Summit will host a plethora of operators, from online casino giants to land-based traditionalists, and a lot of the in between.

One long-standing firm with an established presence both in online and land-based sectors is Swiss casino operator Baden Casino.

Speaking ahead of her appearance in Malta at CBS, Delia Töpfer, Baden’s Head of Customer Operations, details how promotions have evolved the customer experience in recent years, players’ desire for hyper-personalisation and the benefits of entering the digital age.

CasinoBeats: With the CasinoBeats Summit just a few months away, how important is it for operators to showcase themselves at events like SBC’s? 

Delia Töpfer: Participating in events like the CasinoBeats Summit is crucial for operators in the gaming industry. These gatherings provide a unique platform for operators to showcase themselves, exchange industry insights, and foster valuable connections. It’s not just an opportunity to display our offerings but also a chance to stay updated on the latest trends, innovations, and regulatory developments.

Engaging with peers, industry leaders, and potential partners at events like these not only enhances our visibility but also allows us to learn from others, adapt to changing landscapes, and stay ahead of the competition.

CB: As Baden Casino’s Head of Customer Operations, how has the customer experience evolved at Grand Casino Baden venues in recent years?

DT: We have always had a strong focus on guest service and believe that this is ultimately the biggest driver of the customer experience. No matter how great the technology is along the customer journey, if you don’t value guest service and don’t put the customer at the centre, you don’t stand a chance in the market.

Unfortunately, we have had a skills shortage in Switzerland for several years now, and we face a huge challenge in finding people who have hospitality in their blood and whose jobs can be replaced by a machine without losing the warmth and humanity of the customer journey. Otherwise, we have done a lot to ensure that the link from our land-based casino to our online casino is through our loyalty programme.

Many of our land-based casino players now play online. It is important to us that they do this with us and not with our competitors. The easiest way to ensure this is through our loyalty programme. We have also put a lot of focus on the attractiveness of our loyalty programme and will continue to develop it over the next few years to enhance the customer experience and better connect our various touch points.

CB: At the CasinoBeats Summit, you will be contributing to a panel discussion focused on the transformation of land-based gaming. What recent innovations are currently shaping the sector? 

DT: There are many, in my opinion, connectivity features that allow players to engage with their favourite games via mobile devices and online platforms, even within a physical casino. These are things that will prevail. In the future, players will be able to place their bets at the roulette table in the casino using their mobile phone or AR technology.

Robotics is also becoming more of an issue and will probably be unavoidable, especially if we continue to struggle with the skills shortage.

Finally, hyper-personalisation along the customer journey in land-based casinos will keep us busy for years to come. As we know from online, each player can see different content and, at best, experience a personalised customer journey.

But, thanks to AI and technological advances, this will soon be possible in land-based casinos as well, allowing us to offer virtually every player a tailored customer journey in the future.

CB: With several land-based casinos tapping into the online casino space, how do you think this will impact land-based businesses in coming years? 

DT: Grand Casino Baden went live with an online casino in 2019, and we saw a lot of potential in cross selling and creating a seamless customer experience. The integration of online and offline experiences can create a synergistic effect. Cross-promotions, loyalty programs, and shared branding can enhance the overall customer experience, fostering a sense of continuity between the virtual and physical casino environments. This cohesive approach can contribute to customer retention and loyalty.

However, the shift to online casino spaces also poses challenges for traditional land-based establishments. Increased competition in the online realm requires strategic adaptation to digital marketing, customer acquisition, and technology investments. The success of this transition will depend on how well land-based casinos can leverage their brand recognition, physical infrastructure, and customer relationships in the virtual space.

In essence, the impact on land-based businesses will be determined by their ability to navigate the evolving landscape, embrace digital transformation, and find a balance that maximises the strengths of both online and offline offerings. The trend signifies a broader industry shift toward a more integrated and holistic approach to gaming, where operators strive to provide a seamless experience across various platforms for the benefit of players and the long-term sustainability of their businesses.

CB: To what extent do you think the next innovations in the casino industry will be made for in-person experiences?

DT: The next wave of innovations in the casino industry is poised to revolutionise the in-person experience within land-based casinos, with a particular focus on hyper-personalisation. Advanced technologies are anticipated to play a pivotal role in tailoring the casino experience to individual preferences.

Hyper-personalisation involves leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies to create highly customised and unique experiences for each player. In the context of land-based casinos, this could mean personalised gaming recommendations based on a player’s historical preferences, bespoke loyalty programs that cater to individual interests, and tailored promotions designed to enhance the overall experience.

Through the integration of sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems, land-based casinos can gather and analyse data on player behaviour, preferences, and spending patterns. This information can then be utilised to deliver personalised services, from suggesting preferred games to providing exclusive offers and incentives, while also creating personalised customer experience for each player.

Furthermore, the implementation of facial recognition technology and mobile apps can facilitate a seamless and personalised entry process, enabling casinos to greet players by name and anticipate their preferences upon arrival.

Hyper-personalisation extends beyond gaming to encompass dining, entertainment, and other amenities, creating a holistic and individualised experience for each visitor.

In essence, the next innovations in the land-based casino industry are expected to embrace hyper-personalisation, leveraging technology to create a more tailored and engaging environment that caters to the unique preferences of every player. This personalised approach aims to not only enhance customer satisfaction, but to foster increased loyalty and repeat visits.

CB: With the new year now in full-flow, what plans and ambitions does Grand Casino Baden have in the pipeline for 2024?

DT: Grand Casino Baden’s plans for 2024 are centred around creating a cohesive, personalised, and rewarding experience for our customers. By integrating our Omni Channel Loyalty Program, ensuring a seamless customer journey across all touchpoints, and implementing hyper-personalization strategies, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled level of service and entertainment in the upcoming year.

Source: CasinoBeats

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