NSoft – The use of Artificial Intelligence across the industry is expected to grow

Artificial intelligence is pitted to be one of the most prominent innovations in the industry for 2019, according to Davor Konjevod, the Regional Sales Manager at NSoft who are sponsoring this year’s Betting on Football.

#bofcon begins in five days, and is set to be attended by 2000 of the top industry executives and c-level people. Over the event, there will be 200 industry experts taking part in over 40 sessions which will focus upon industry topics and issues.

What are you looking forward to at Betting on Football?

To be honest I’m interested in 90% of all the topics planned to be discussed at Betting on Football. I’d love if I could clone myself and attend them all, but I can’t and I will need to choose the most interesting ones.

On the first day, I will be able to criss-cross through some topics, but it will be much harder to choose on the second day. What I am looking forward the most is to hear our competitors talk about what we all do as providers, their thoughts on various topics and where should our niche move next.

And of course, there is the networking. Top 2,000 people from the industry will be attending and I believe I will have many fruitful conversations regarding potential cooperation, but also knowledge and opinion sharing.

I love the industry and people in it, and this seems like one of the best places to get the latest information about the industry and meet the people that share the same passion.

What are you promoting at Betting on Football?

We’ll be showcasing our comprehensive suite of products including a full Sportsbook platform, Virtual games and the latest innovations in AI solutions.

NSoft’s Self-Managed Pre Match application is fully integrated into Seven Platform and gives the betting operators full autonomy of sports events creation, odds management, and risk management. Except for already supported option of importing Betradar Unified Odds Feed, the customer has the ability to manually create any sport, tournament, market, and event, as well as to resolve the markets.

There are three main factors why customers choose NSoft – our omnichannel offer is a stable constant that we’ve taken a step further by having our in-house production of terminals.

The second advantage is our strong relationship with Betradar, allowing us to keep the pace with the newest technological developments. Third, and the most important is the reference list of more than 100 satisfied customers, with constant increase tendency.

What industry innovation will capture the most attention in 2019?

I believe those will be AI and machine learning related products. At the last event, ICE London, we’ve caught most of the attention with NSoft Vision – AI surveillance solution based on machine learning.

It provides advanced analytics and security for retail businesses enabling users to boost their revenues multiple times. We are all reading how AI in combination with machine learning is being creatively used in match tracking, bet predictions, and even in personal sports betting offer build up. It’s pretty amazing, and I expect the usage to increase significantly.

Do you expect speed of innovation to slow in the absence of a major football tournament?

On the contrary. That is actually when most of the innovation happens. During the major football tournaments, everyone is focusing on whatever they have to work perfectly. After the major events, companies are trying to innovate, add, correct and prepare for the next one. It’s the perfect environment for innovations.

How can betting and football stakeholders work together more effectively?

I think Sportradar’s cooperation with football confederations and clubs is the perfect example. Through Sportradar products, confederations and teams are able to get a better insight on how’s their club, players and even referees performing and use it in their daily work.

Also, with much deeper analytics confederations and clubs are more likely to stop fraud and match-fixing in football.

Which parts of the conference agenda have caught your eye?

I’m mostly looking forward to Global Markets, The Science of Compliance, Product in Focus and Leadership and Vision. The topics there focus more or less on my role at NSoft, so I am eager to hear what other professionals think about questions I’ve posed to myself and colleagues.

It will definitely provide another angle to my and NSoft’s view on various topics that are going to be discussed there.

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