‘Bringing all walks of life from the industry together’ – Eric Frank, CEO and Co-Founder at Odds On Compliance

Ahead of next week’s SBC Summit North America, Eric Frank, CEO and CO-Founder of Odds On Compliance, explains how his company can help other companies remain compliant with all state regulations, Odds On Compliance’s Playbook product and his anticipation to meet other industry leaders at SBC Summit North America. 

SBC: What makes SBC Summit North America stand out as an event?

EF: SBC does a great job of bringing all walks of life from the industry together – from the sponsors/booths to the speakers and all events around the conference. This is where the industry is getting together. We’re excited to see SBC highlighting compliance with a full day of discussions on the topic and were honored to have the opportunity to sponsor the day’s discussions surrounding compliance.

SBC: What would you highlight as the biggest opportunity in the US gaming industry over the next couple of years?

EF: As the market matures, there will be an opportunity to be more efficient with operations. We believe this will be especially true with regulatory compliance, which is why Odds On Compliance is dedicated to building the compliance tools of tomorrow. 

SBC: What industry innovation will capture the most attention in the next 12 months?

EF: Playbook by Odds On Compliance obviously. 

But in all honesty, the technology recognizes a problem and provides a solution. With Playbook we identified the problem of managing and staying up to date with regulations, statutes, advisory opinions, and technical bulletins across multiple jurisdictions, and executed delivering a one-stop-shop where folks can review these critical documents all in one place, formatted the same with cross-state comparison capabilities.

SBC: What core challenges do you help solve for your customers/partners?

EF: The US sports betting, igaming, and fantasy sports regulatory landscape continue to shift at high speed, which means the need for, and reliance on, expert guidance is essential for everyone in the market. Meeting a host of complicated compliance criteria is arguably the most daunting, time-consuming, and potentially costly part of operating in the US market. 

The industry has already handed out individual fines running into the hundreds of thousands since PASPA’s overturning in 2018. This inspired me and my co-founder of Odds On Compliance, Mark Scrivo, to develop and launch Playbook. Playbook answers the challenge presented by the complex, state-by-state regulatory environment across the US. 

Playbook is a pioneering new technology and a genuine original for the US market, which tackles an essential industry need. Tedious individual searches, dozens of open tabs, and endless spreadsheets are now issues of the past thanks to Playbook. 

Playbook provides the most comprehensive online repository of US state-by-state gaming compliance documents available globally. Its AI functionality uses intuitive algorithms to allow for easy search, while users are able to collaborate with their teams in real-time in the documents.

We believe that Playbook will be the industry’s go-to resource for effective and more efficient navigation of these complex regulatory frameworks in the US, and eventually abroad. As experts in the gaming field, who work in and rely on these documents day in and day out, the Odds On team knows first-hand how crucial it is for businesses entering or operating in this space to have quick, easy access to the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

With the goal of providing the most advanced tools to support and enhance the tremendous growth already happening in the gaming industry, we created Playbook.

SBC: Who have you especially enjoyed working with over the past year (partner/client)?’

EF: At Odds On, we love what we do. We love compliance. Working with a team as passionate as we have here has been remarkable. I’m so thrilled about the talent we bring to the table for our clients. And that passion and love for the industry have led us to be successful on behalf of our clients. Folks come to us with difficult, unique issues and we enjoy working together with them to find creative solutions.

SBC: What are you hoping to learn from the conference at SBC Summit North America?

EF: I enjoy talking to people doing unique things in the industry. It’s what I love most about conferences like SBC Summit North America. So, I look forward to finding some interesting, different products/teams here.

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