Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024: A Hotspot for Industry Leaders and Affiliates Alike

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 (26-27 March, 2024) is shaping up to be an exceptional event, not just for its traditional audience of industry leaders and innovators, but also as a newly emerging hotspot for iGaming affiliates. This year, the Summit dedicates approximately 20-25% of its focus to affiliate marketing, a strategic shift that adds a fresh and exciting dimension to its comprehensive agenda.

Diving into the heart of this vibrant event, attendees will find a rich tapestry of topics. From compliance and licensing updates to the latest trends in SEO and marketing, the Summit covers a broad spectrum of interests. It’s this variety that makes the event appealing to a wide range of professionals within the iGaming industry.

Specific panels, such as “AI, SGE and all things changing in 2024 in the SEO landscape” and “Content, SEO and PR working together to create EEAT strong SEO strategy in 2024,” are perfect examples of the Summit’s diverse offerings. These sessions are not just theoretical explorations but provide actionable insights, directly applicable to various roles within the industry, including those of affiliates.

The introduction of “iGaming Mastery: Innovative Strategies in Marketing, PR, and Retention” is particularly noteworthy. This panel speaks directly to the interests of affiliates, offering strategies to enhance customer engagement and retention, crucial aspects of successful affiliate marketing.

The response to the Summit’s expanded focus has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrated by the rapid allocation of free tickets for affiliates. This keen interest underscores the Summit’s position as a pivotal event for networking, learning, and staying updated with industry trends, not only for traditional attendees but also for the burgeoning affiliate community.

Registration remains open, and with the expanded agenda, demand is high. Whether you’re a seasoned iGaming professional or an affiliate looking to deepen your industry knowledge, the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 is the place to be. Secure your spot now and be part of this dynamic convergence of industry expertise and affiliate marketing insights.

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