Sasha Boerma, Coastline Gaming: the ‘non-negotiables’ of affiliate marketing

Sasha Boerma, Coastline Gaming: the ‘non-negotiables’ of affiliate marketing

With marketing being a crucial tool for any company looking to unlock new engagement in the casino industry, the CasinoBeats Summit has laid out a detailed agenda for attendees looking to find out more about marketing and affiliation strategies.

A plethora of panel sessions will analyse the impact artificial intelligence is having on the marketing scene as well as the intricate nuances of SEO. Ahead of the Summit, we spoke with Sasha Boerma, Head of Affiliates at Coastline Gaming, to talk about all things affiliation.

CasinoBeats: How important is it for companies within the affiliate space to appear at premier igaming events such as CBS? 

SB: For the Coastline team, ABC (Always Be Connecting) is key to building trusted, connected and valuable partnerships. It also broadens our network, where we get exposed to new marketing ideas and innovations together with new partnership opportunities and enhance existing ones.

In the game of affiliate marketing it’s vital to have a physical presence in our industry, or you may well be forgotten, or worse left behind.

With igaming arguably being one of the most fast-paced, ever-changing and innovative industries, it’s near impossible to steer the company’s strategies if you’re not in this hub or being exposed to the wealth of knowledge at these events.

The CasinoBeat Summit’s agenda includes a hackathon, streamers challenge and extremely informative workshops – our exposure is key to our success.

CB: In what ways have you seen player preferences evolve in recent years and how are casino affiliate companies having to adapt to these changes?

SB: As a direct result of more markets being regulated, there of course has been a huge  surge in demand for unregulated casinos. Within this competitive space, players too, have upped their expectations on customer experience, safety and payment options.

Also, the growth of mobile devices, as obvious as this may seem, always interests me how mobile options in marketing and development are always an afterthought when this is where most players are accessing igaming. A mobile first approach is now key to successfully move forward. This shift in thinking is non-negotiable.

The speed at which withdrawals are expected, like Visa Direct – which has instant withdrawals to your bank account – is a huge development, not just for gaming but all online industries. Clients expect faster withdrawals and easy secure transactions.

Waiting five working days to get your withdrawal seems like it’s from the stone age and yet this was only five years ago, a little over 10 years ago your online casino could only send you a cheque if you wanted to withdraw.

CB: Can you explain how crucial data analytics are for succeeding as an affiliate in the casino space? 

SB: Proper data analytics are your only indicator as to the value of your traffic, and if your players sent from various sources or affiliates are going to hit the estimated KPI’s to make the deal profitable (in whatever time frame the casino’s ROI model has allowed for).

Analysing the numbers daily to spot traffic that should be boosted, or pause and adjust campaigns that are not looking as though they are going to bring positive return, is the key to making your company run at a profit each month.

CB: Why is it so crucial that data is not only collected, but is also maximised through new tech and an effective strategy?

SB: Data holds the key to unlocking your players and your casino’s full potential. Without having the tools, knowledge and skill to utilise data, it’s your biggest asset that is wasted.

It tells you your players’ golden moments, what bonuses they play the most with, when in the month they have funds and what sort of games they enjoy, just to name a few examples.

Using these insights, you can craft a CRM and VIP program that can retain and entertain your players for longer. Keeping them engaged for longer is the ultimate goal.

Yes, affiliates can send casino traffic, but what we do with that traffic is a key differentiator.

CB: AI is on the tip of everyone’s tongue at industry events. How are affiliates using these technologies to better their businesses? 

SB: Custom content and design work historically took up a huge portion of affiliates resources. AI has revolutionised the speed and cost of these two crucial components.

With AI being supported by google it has demanded quick adaption from affiliates to maximise this key innovation, allowing companies that have done so to be revolutionised.

CB: What can affiliates do to ensure that the newest technology is also compliant with evolving global regulations? 

SB: The beauty in this answer is that it’s a simple and old school one, that is a principle that will most likely never change. An affiliate’s role is to understand regulations, understand the products and test them first hand and build relationships with developers, casinos, and regulators. This is a key differentiator when looking at a brilliant, and not so brilliant affiliate manager.

CB: CBS takes place this May in Malta. What does Coastline Gaming have in store for the upcoming event? 

SB: For the Coastline Affiliate team it will be our first CasinoBeats event that we have ever attended. With Malta being the hub of igaming, together with the strong attendees list of over 3,500 including streamers and high level workshops and panels, it’s certainly not an event to be missed.

Source: CasinoBeats
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