Aleksandra Andrishak, Slotsjudge: Affiliates Should ‘Be Loud, Proud and Confident’

Slotsjudge: Affiliates Should ‘Be Loud, Proud and Confident’

CasinoBeats Summit’s agenda is shaping up for a week of industry insight, engaging keynotes and igaming exposure.

Speaking ahead of her appearance at the event, Aleksandra Andrishak, Editor in Chief at Slotsjudge, spoke with CasinoBeats about the importance for affiliates to have a presence at industry events, while detailing what the company has been keeping a keen eye on in the slot sector.

CasinoBeats: The CasinoBeats Summit is just a few months away; what can delegates expect to see from Slotsjudge,, and what are you most looking forward to?

Aleksandra Andrishak: We are excited to participate in the upcoming CasinoBeats Summit. We cannot wait to share what we have learned over the past 12 months and get stuck into networking with the brightest minds in igaming.

I’m keeping a particular eye out for the new products hitting the market – 2023 was a magnificent year for exciting, edge-of-your-seat games, especially in the live casino sector.

The innovation and creativity exhibited by developers throughout the industry have been awe-inspiring.

CB: Why is it important for affiliates to appear and make their voice heard at events like CBS?

AA: Affiliates must be present and actively participate in these types of events – it’s a golden opportunity. It should provide our company and fellow affiliate companies an invaluable opportunity to network, learn from industry experts, and showcase their brands.

There is no doubt that networking is the main attraction. Affiliates can connect with other igaming professionals, including operators, suppliers, and other affiliates. These connections can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, or even new business opportunities. It also allows affiliates to expand their knowledge and understanding of the industry by conversing with like-minded individuals.

But none of that happens if company representatives don’t step outside of their comfort zone to get their message across. Be loud, be proud, and be confident.

CB: As a slot-reviewing company, what do you think players look for most in a slot release?

AA: Players are always looking for unique and innovative features in slot releases. With an ever-growing market and intense competition among game providers, players expect something new and exciting with each release.

Apart from engaging gameplay and attractive graphics, players also value high payouts and bonus rounds in slots. They want to feel like they have a chance at winning big while playing their favourite games. This is why slots with progressive jackpots or unlimited multipliers tend to be popular among players.

Players also embrace the theme and storyline. With so many different themes available, players can choose one that appeals to their interests and preferences. They want to be immersed in a unique and captivating world while spinning the reels, whether it’s fantasy, adventure, history, or pop culture. Providers that can tap into these sub-cultures tend to have more success than others.

CB: To what extent do you think creativity and innovation are thriving in the slot industry right now?

AA: As mentioned above, companies are pushing the creativity boat out, and the hard work is paying dividends. In 2023, we saw the most in-depth, exciting, and engaging casino games since the first video slot was developed before the millennium.

I reckon that we are in a race to the top in igaming – a dream scenario for any sector. With so many new game releases each day, developers are forced to develop new and innovative concepts to stand out from the crowd. This competition drives developers to improve their games and incorporate new features and technologies.

CB: At the Summit, you will appear on a panel looking into blockbuster slot titles. What are the most important factors for creating a successful slot that can stand the test of time?

AA: When you consider the most successful online slots of all time – Book of Dead, the Dead Or Alive series, Jammin’ Jars – they all have one thing in common. A strong, distinctive theme with explosive payout potential.

Striking the balance of volatility is tricky but crucial. Players must know they can win massive amounts while understanding that bonus rounds and the base game will consistently deliver excitement, even if they fail to reward on every occasion. It sounds simple, but the proof is always in the pudding. Customers know how to sort through the wheat from the chaff regarding online slots.

Ultimately, taking care of production is paramount. A good gameplay experience can also lead to word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews, increasing the game’s popularity.

CB: What recent innovations have you noticed in the slot sector that have piqued your interest?

AA: We are keeping an eye on the use of virtual and augmented reality in slot games. These technologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for game developers, allowing them to create immersive and interactive experiences that were previously unimaginable. We have already seen the launch of several VR and AR casinos, and we believe this trend will only continue to grow in slot development.

As an industry, we are well known for constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and consumer preferences. As players seek unique and engaging experiences, we expect to see even more exciting developments. We are excited to be a part of this ever-changing landscape and look forward to seeing where it takes us.

CB: How do you think technological advancements such as AI and VR impact the slot industry, and have there been any advancements that you think can shape the future of slots?

AA: Technological advancements such as AI and VR significantly influence how the sector maps out its future in terms of the types of games in production and how we improve user experience.

In general, the influence of both will be overwhelmingly positive, but there are some precautions the industry should take. Namely, we have to recognise how immersive the high level of photorealism in VR and AR is, and we need to balance that out against the responsible practices already in place. That means retaining the current push for safe and enjoyable gameplay.

Looking to the future, AI has allowed for more personalised gaming experiences by analysing player data and tailoring gameplay accordingly. This not only increases player engagement but also improves retention rates. It leaves much room for operators and developers to finetune the online gambling experience.

CB: Does Slotsjudge have anything exciting in-store for 2024?

AA: We have several projects in the pipeline – the most exciting of which revolves around a brand-new website design launching next year. We are excited at how it is coming together, but you’ll forgive me if we don’t divulge too much information as we fine-tune the site.

Our plan is also to engage in more video content, encompassing game previews, casino reviews, and more, while we will also look at establishing collaborations with live streamers to help bring our unique perspective to a wider audience.

Source: CasinoBeats

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