Interview with Sanjit Atwal, Co-Founder of Squawka

Betting Insights – A range of interviews from SBC Events with some of the leading figures in the sports betting industry.

Sanjit Atwal is the Co-Founder, Creative Director & Lead Writer at Dark Site, a new science fiction novel that, in 2018, will be brought to life via a reality show with pro-gamers living together and competing in virtual reality mini-games.

A Co-Founder of football based digital media and entertainment businesses Squawka, Atwal will be attending Betting on Sports 2017, an event he refers to as “the best sports betting event in the calendar”.

Here he is speaking about the changing face of sports content consumption, the future of longform editorial content, the growing importance of shortform video and the fragmentation in the sports content market space, particularly on social media.


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